Step 1: Create a Stylish Aesthetic

  1. Recognize the different types of Christmas available

There are three common types of Christmas trees commonly used. Due to the diversity, you should find out your state’s favorite. The most widely used tree include Spruces, Pines, and Firs. However, at this time and age, tons of people prefer using artificial Christmas trees due to its longevity, reusability and allergen-free. If you’re allergenic to a real tree, then the artificial tree can work great for you.

  1. Choose a tree

If you intend to buy the natural tree, get one with evenly spread branches. Also, consider an asymmetric tree with all the branches tapering towards the tip. If you opted for an artificial one, try to bend the branches so that you cannot see the space between the branch layers.

After choosing your tree, whether real or fake, you should create a skirt for the tree. For natural trees, you will put then in a deep stand having a deep water reservoir. Remember that you should only fill the reservoir after setting up the tree. Since putting lights in the artificial Christmas tree might be the worst step in this process, you’d instead go for a pre-lit tree to make your work easier.

  1. Pick your favorite color scheme for a complete and cohesive tree

When it comes to choosing colors, keep it in mind that you should select colors that do not clash with the décor of the room, it is placed. Therefore, here are some of the color schemes to try out.

Classic colors:  Green and Red are some of the common combinations that you can try out. Decorate your green Christmas tree with ribbons, garlands, and red ornaments. If you wish to add one more metallic color to improve visual appeal, you can try out either gold or silver. With such fantastic décor, the clear, green, or red color would be incredible.

Metallic colors: If you’re an enthusiast of metallic colors, you can choose silver, bronze, and gold tones to give your tree a great visual appeal. What we love about the metallic color is that they’re easy to mix. All you should do is to play around with the colors to create the best color pattern.

Wintry colors: You can opt for some colors that imitate the glittering icy and snowy Christmas.  The colors include blue, purple, and silver. If you decide to use this color scheme, do not add any red or gold color.

Warm or cold colors: If you’d like a bit different color schemes, you can try warm colors such as gold, red and orange, or cool colors such as blue, green, purple, and silver decorations. With these examples, you can play around with the colors to create a more unique but cohesive décor on your Christmas tree.

  1. Choose a theme for your Christmas tree

Themes can be very instrumental when it comes to expanding the cohesiveness of your tree. Some people may go out and collect some trees, such as nutcrackers, snowflakes, or angels.  Collect some ornaments that present a particular theme to make your Christmas tree more cohesive. However, if you’re not more of a theme collector, sit back and relax buddy. The theme “Christmas” would be enough for your tree.  Also, you can purchase ornament bulbs if you hadn’t bought some before.

  1. Look for the available ornaments multipacks

At this time and age, there are many ornaments pack sold both in physical stores and online stores. Most of the stores sell ornaments in a pack of 6-12 at an affordable price. You can also add some expensive ornaments into the mix if you wish to, but these classic packs form the basis of many people’s basic Christmas tree ornaments.

If you like getting along in your unique designs, you can assemble ornaments and make decorations of your choice. With your home-made packs, you can try the colors and embellishments out on one tree to be sure of the actual outlook before decorating other Christmas trees. And if you decide to use a single color tree, try out different values, shades or tints of that particular color.

  1. Decide on the choice of lights

In the current era, there has been an abrupt shift towards the use of small basic lights. This has been a significant improvement over the years in terms of colors, shapes, and forms. Though some people still prefer using the olden type of bulbs or figure lights.  If you opt for the old-fashioned bulbs, then use the bulbs as ornaments.  Below are some tips to help you choose and use the light in a more creative way.

  • Get colors that match your tree: When choosing the lights, look for lights having the exact color of your tree. And if that’s not possible, go for the color that is much close to the color of your tree. It would be much better if you can choose the color that is the same as your Christmas tree. The color similarity prevents any possible color distraction that may be caused by different wire color. If you select a wire with a different color, it may turn out conspicuous and compromise the beauty of your Christmas tree.
  • Avoid flashy and motion lights: Try to avoid lights that flash or play music. Also, ensure you choose a color that matches your color scheme. However, if you’d wish to have flashy lights, you can get many steady burners to keep the flashing lights from getting too busy. This will prevent the lights from turning hectic, thereby giving your eyes a rest. To be on a safer side, choose white or off-white lights.
  • Choose the correct number of bulbs: Use 25-50 bulbs per foot. And that’s the rule. However, this varies from person to person depending on various individual factors. Therefore, choose the number of bulbs that makes you comfortable.

Step 2: Decorate your Christmas Tree

  1. Hang the lights

Start by hanging the lights first. Even though you might find different methods with different starting points, this is the best way so far to begin. This ensures that wires do not appear all over your beautiful decorations, thereby causing distractions. Also, it may not be easy to fix the lights properly after fixing other decorations.

Putting lights can be more complicated than any other task you could perform on the tree. Therefore, if you’re not sure whether you’ll manage to fix it or not, simply go for a Christmas tree with pre-installed lights. The following tips work great when it comes to winding the strands of light a Christmas tree.

  • Start putting the lights from the top to bottom while gently pushing them into the branches to hide the wires.
  • Space your lights evenly throughout the tree.
  1. Put up the ribbons

Once you light-up your tree, the immediate step involves how to decorate a Christmas tree with a ribbon or ribbons. You should do this before hanging the ornaments to prevent the garlands from getting stuck on the ornaments hook, thereby dropping the ornament.

Therefore, it’s vital to ensure that anything that should go beneath the ornaments is put before hanging your ornaments. Below are some of the tips that you can consider to make your Christmas tree exceptional.

  • Avoid outdated fashions such as the use of fluffy tinsel: Using strands of tinsel was the trend in the mid-century, and have since fallen out of the market. However, if you’re a tinsel fanatic, there are prettier things for you. Instead of tinsel, you can try out small-sized wire-based garlands featuring smaller stars or tree-shaped foils. These will also give a shimmery look.
  • Choose what you can do right: Some decorative materials, such as plastic icicles, are challenging to do right. Just like tinsels in the past, plastic icicles have since become obsolete. If you used it before, you should have known how to use it without leaving the plastic noticeable. If you have no idea how to use it correctly, try to use something else. The good news is that the icicles are now available in tin and glass and adds great beauty to the tree.
  • Choose the right garlands: If you have to use popcorn garlands, ensure they are white with elegant wintry white that’s cuter than yellow-tinged. Therefore, you should make them yourself to get the best out of what you require.
  • It’s pretty hard to err with plastic or metallic beaded garlands: First and foremost, you should choose the color that fits your color schemes, and distribute them evenly the way you put up the light on the outer branches of the tree. You can appropriately use pompom garlands and also use old necklaces for cording.
  • You can decorate the Christmas tree with a mesh or wired ribbon: The wired ribbon is capable of maintaining its shape instead of flopping off.
  • Choose a wide ribbon that is conspicuous from far: But not too wide to the extent of making the weaving process difficult.
  • Add more embellishments: Add some small bows evenly distributed on the length of the ribbon to add a more exquisite touch of beauty.
  1. Add a topper to your Christmas tree

Adding a topper makes your tree more complete and cohesive. The topper that you will use will depend on the look of your Christmas tree and theme. Some of the popular toppers that you can try out include star, an angel, an artificial flower, a fake bird, large snowflakes, imitation holly berries and leaves, pretty bow, a Christian cross, and much more.

Step 3: Add Ornaments to your Charismas Tree

Categorize your ornaments and even group them into piles according to size, color, material, and themes into a separate collection. Below are some tips that can help you to decorate your Christmas tree like a pro.

  1. Create mini categories

If you have a good decorator set, with all ornaments, let’s say 60-piece, a good idea should be to create more specific mini categories. Put all figurative balls in the same pattern that can be placed in their group. You can also employ the approach should you have ornaments of the same thing. For example, all snowflakes or all gold balls.

  1. Distribute ornaments evenly

Place an ornament from the pile of each category or pile on each side of the Christmas tree to have each group of ornament seen evenly distributed throughout the tree. Each time you add embellishment on one side of the tree, ensure you place one on the opposite side.

  1. Use top to bottom technique

Work on the tree from the top to the bottom of the Christmas tree while maintaining an even distribution of the ornaments. Put the ornaments a little bit deep as you continue creating patterns as well as effects.

  1. Prioritize special colors

If you include specialty and a mix of bulb ornaments, always add them first. Also, consider not to place any precious ornament at the bottom of the tree to avoid the risk of getting them pulled down.

  1. Place shiny one inside and transparent one on the outer side

Place glittery and shiny stuff inside the tree and transparent and clear translucent on the outer side.

  1. Place bigger ornaments closer to the trunk

Place more giant ornaments closer to the trunk and the solid and more massive on the inside closer to the bottom. In addition to that, you can add mini caches around the ornaments having a similar color. And that’s how to decorate a Christmas tree with lights.

You can also learn how to decorate your Christmas tree with colored lights. With all that done, you should be good to go. Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year!

How do you decorate a Christmas tree step by step?

How To Professionally Decorate a Christmas Tree – Designer’s Step-By-Step Directions

How do you decorate a Christmas tree like a designer?

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Like a Designer
  1. Step 1 : Fluff Your Tree. The first thing you’ll want to do before you begin decorating your tree is to fully fluff all of your branches.
  2. Step 2 : Add ribbon.
  3. Step 3 : Fill with florals.
  4. Step 4: Add Ornaments.
  5. Step 5: Top Your Tree.

Do you put ribbon or ornaments on the tree first?

To get the look, add the ribbon garlands prior to hanging your other ornaments, making sure to tuck the ribbon further back into the branches. Casually draped around the Christmas tree, a garland of wide ribbon—three inches is best! —adds softness with a golden touch. Adding a ribbon garland is easy to do.

How do you make your Christmas tree look fuller?

A simple and easy trick. Along with Christmas ornaments and baubles, ribbons are perfect for making any tree look even fuller. They’re even better if they have a long tail to feed in and out of the tree and can attach to the end of your branch or further towards the trunk.

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How do you decorate a Christmas tree with vertical ribbon?

Tricks to Successful Vertical Ribboning

I find it easiest to work with pieces about three feet long, tuck the top end into the tree near the trunk at the top, tuck the bottom end into the middle of the tree as well, then push the middle of the ribbon in towards the centre of the tree as well, creating two “loops”.

How much ribbon do you need for a Christmas tree?

Start with 3 yards of ribbon per foot of tree. This means you need around 22.5 yards of ribbon for a standard 7.5-foot Christmas tree. Adjust the length based on how you drape or cascade the ribbon.

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