Dehydrating sweet potatoes is a classic method of preserving it.

Sweet Potatoes are more of a carbohydrate’s rich food and higher in fiber, Vit-A, Vit-B6, potassium, and manganese but have low contents of sodium, fat, and cholesterolIt plays an important role in the metabolism process, provides us with energy, help repair body tissues and enhance the immune system.

  1. Strip Method

This is the basic way to dehydrate and preserve sweet potatoes. These are mostly used as a healthy alternative to potato chips.

  • You should wash your sweet potato first in order to clean it up, use the scrubber to brush off dirt and other particles. And then dry it with a clean towel or paper towel.
  • To dry out the sweet potato you should slice it with a sharp knife. Make sure the slice is around 0.16 to 0.3 cm thick. A mandolin is a basic tool used for it which makes sure the same thickness of it.
  • You need to soak the sweet potato into the water for about a few hours. This is needed to remove the starch from the sweet potato which prevents moisture from escaping.
  • You should dry the sweet potato with some clean towel before dehydrating and place them on to a plate.
  • Adding oil to the sweet potato might not be helpful with the dehydrating part but it will surely result in crispier part.
  1. Dehydrator

You need to follow the strip method to proceed for the dehydrator and to make sure that all of the strips are of the same thickness which results in sweet potato to dehydrate at the same rate.

  • You need to put down sweet potato strips on to the dehydrator trays. And to make sure that layers are not thick and are not overlapping otherwise they will not dehydrate evenly.
  • You should be aware of the dehydrating temp. for sweet potato like for quicker method, it should be around 60-65 degree Celsius and for normal sets, it is around 46 deg. Celsius.
  • You should keep check of time like for quicker temp. method, 12 hours is enough to dehydrate your sweet potato strips. But for normal temp., it might be 20-24 hours.
  • Dehydrating time changes the crispiness of the sweet potatoes’ strips. You need to cool down the temperature of the strips and when it’s normal, pack those.
  1. Dehydrating Using Oven

Have to cut down the sweet potatoes into small pieces so that they can be in contact with heat uniformly. You should on your oven and manually make it to its lowest setting.

  • You should preheat your oven using manual setting as temperature normally prefer for raw dehydration is around 46 deg Celsius. For a quicker way, you can use 63 C.
  • You need to put down sweet potato strips on to the dehydrator trays. Place strips at a certain distance to each other to pass the air.
  • For crispiness, you need to go for the time to dehydrate sweet potatoes and it depends on temperature.
  • If you want more crispiness even after dehydrating you should put them in an oven but keep the check on them every few minutes.
  1. Microwave Drying

You need to cut down the sweet potatoes’ strips evenly so that heat can penetrate evenly. Microwaved sweet potatoes’ strips are crispier than oven-cooked sweet potato. You should keep slices of sweet potatoes in a large bowl.

  • It is better to add sweet potatoes slices with olive oil in the large bowl and sway to coat.
  • You need to put down sweet potato strips on to the dehydrator trays. You should place strips at a certain distance to each other to pass the air.
  • You can’t cook or dehydrate all of your sweet potatoes’ slices at once in microwave.
  • Have to cook in microwave with a small number of batches of slices until slices are dry, crisp, and slightly browned.
  • Be need to cool strips on to a plate before keeping them in a large bowl.
  1. Dehydration Using Air Fryer

An air fryer is a type of kitchen appliance that helps in cook the food by circulating warm air around the food at a speed which dehydrates the food and makes it crispier. Air fryer is used to make strips of sweet potatoes. These can have a higher amount of sodium and fat. Using air fryer needs a little practice.

  • You need a large bowl filled with cold water and soak the slices of sweet potatoes for about 20 minutes and drain strips and dry them out with clean towels or paper towels.
  • You should wipe bowl dry and then add it with oil, salt, and pepper. Then you add sweet potatoes slices and toss them.
  • And you should coat the air fryer container with cooking spray. Place half of the sweet potatoes in the bin, and cook in two bunches at around 350 F until dehydrated.
  • Using a couple of tongs, carefully expel sweet potatoes from air fryer to plate. Let it cool and then add it to the airtight container.
  1. Using a Toaster Oven

This is another good option to dehydrate sweet potatoes. A Toaster is not an ideal appliance; it changes from one house to another so you have to figure out the timing according to the toaster you are using.

  • First, you should change your toaster to its lowest possible settings.
  • You need to keep the door open slightly to avoid condensation otherwise the whole dehydration process would be a waste of time.
  • You have to keep eyes on food being dehydrating and in a perfect amount of time you will be blessed with a perfect crispier dehydrated sweet potato.
  1. Sun Drying

This is the classic method and consumer friendly. It is a better method for some foods. And as a matter of fact, food gets an extra amount of sweetness when dried in the sun.

  • As usual, you have to cut your sweet potatoes strips evenly.
  • Place strips of sweet potatoes on a baking sheet.
  • Keep sliced sweet potatoes in a very sunny place until they are dehydrated.
  • Do that for a couple of days.
  • Make sure that you do not forget to put a kind of mesh cloth material over the drying strips of sweet potatoes to avoid flies from getting to it.


  • you should keep checking the sweet potatoes strips every hour or few hours left in your estimated dehydrating time to make sure those are not overcooked.
  • To dehydrate sweet potatoes, you should cut them into thin slices which will aid the drying process as even cutting will make heat distribution evenly.
  • You should keep in mind about the relationship between temperature and time in the dehydrator following with your own spices and recipe ingredients.
  • When you are done with drenching, pat the potatoes to dry and add oil and salt or cinnamon and follow all preheat oven steps with a manually adjusted setting.

You should drain and then carefully put the sweet potatoes slices on to the dehydrator trays and aware of this that strips do not touch each other.

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