Getting rid of Pinterest boards is one way of avoiding old and outdated content that doesn’t add value to your business anymore.

When you are no longer selling a specific product, and all the variations were stocked on one board, then you can simply eliminate the old products by deleting the board.

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If you don’t know how to delete a board on Pinterest, here is a step-by-step guide.

  • Launch the “Pinterest” on your phone. It looks like a red “P” placed on the white background. The app must be located on the Android’s Home screen or perhaps in the App drawer.
  • When you aren’t logged in to Pinterest, ensure you do so using your password and email account. You can as well use your Facebook account.
  • Click on your profile icon. This resembles the shape of a person, and it’s located on the upper right corner of the device’s screen.
  • Click then hold the board that you intend to delete.
  • With that done, move your finger up to the pencil icon. Doing this activity opens the “Edit”
  • Also, you can select your board then later click on the pencil-shaped icon found top of the screen to do this task.
  • After that, navigate down to the bottom side of the edit menu.
  • Finally, click “Delete Board.”
  • Again tap the Delete Board when prompted to. And doing this activity removes the board and its contents permanently from the account page.

How to Delete Pin Board on Pinterest

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If, by mistake, you saved a pin on an incorrect Pinterest board, or you want to clear your boards of inappropriate pins, Pinterest can help you delete pins quickly. You can erase a single pin on Pinterest or multiple pins if you want to save time.

Here’s how to delete a single pin on Pinterest:

  • On your favorite web browser, move to Pinterest website or launch the Pinterest app on the mobile device.
  • After that, using your credentials; (the email address and password), sign in to your account when necessary.
  • With that done, navigate to the pin page for any pin that you intend to delete.
  • Click on the pencil icon that’s located on the top corner left of your pin page.
  • Tap Delete.
  • Immediately you delete a pin; you can’t restore it. So you must be sure that you want to erase it before you begin the process.
  • After that, choose Delete (app) or Delete pin (web) to confirm that you want to delete.

Alternatively, here’s how to delete many pins on Pinterest board

  • On a web browser, navigate to the then sign in to your account.
  • Choose Boards on the main menu.
  • Move to the board, having numerous pins that you need to delete.
  • After that, on the board page located just above the pins, click Doing this command makes all the pins in your account clickable.
  • Choose any pin that you want to delete, and when you do that, it will be displayed in red.
  • You can repeat the steps for all pins that you need to delete. If by mistake, you select a pin that you didn’t intend to cancel, you can click it once more to deselect it. Make sure that the red outline disappears.
  • Immediately you’ve selected all the pins that you wish to delete, move to the top side of the page then click on
  • Finally, click on delete pins if you want to confirm the pins deletion.

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