Regardless of how exciting and engaging games are, there comes a time when you lose the morale.

For an account like Fortnite with plenty of games, that means that you may have the desire to know how to delete it.

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Erasing your Epic games account is easier said than done, and the procedure can be done quickly. That’s the reason for this simple step-by-step guide that illustrates the easiest way to delete the Fortnite account.

Deleting Fortnite Account from your pc

  • Doing this brings you to the login page.
    • When you are already logged in, ensure that the account information that is shown on the screen is the right information for the Fortnite Account that you are aiming to delete.
  • Select on “Request Account Delete” this appears close to the “Delete Account” header after you navigate down the page
  • Search the email from the Epic Games and after you confirm that you need to delete the Account, ensure you go to the email linked with the Epic Games account and you’ll receive a verification code.
  • When you’re accessing the email from a web browser, you’ll have to refresh your inbox several times to receive an email from the epic Games.
  • Add the verification code that you receive on the pop-up window but the Epic Games website.
  • The window gives you the last and first character of the email that’s connected with your Account. For instance, if the email is “,” then you’ll view j***
  • Tap on Confirm Delete Request. A pop-up window shifts to a confirmation message that the Fortnite account can take some days to be successful.

Note: It can go up to 14 days for permanent account deletion.

  • If you select Immediately after the Account deletion, you will lose all your progress in Fortnite, your Epic Games list of friends, all downloadable content such as Fortnites V-Bucks, and all the bought games from Epic Games.
    • Additionally, your Fortnite account page will show that the account deletion process is still pending.

How to delete a Fortnite Account on Nintendo Switch

  • On the HOMEmenu, click on System Settings.
  • Navigate down to highlight Users, and with that, choose on the best user account to add the profile settings.
  • Then move down to the lower side of the settings menu then click on Delete User.
    • In case a Parental Control Password exists for the system, then you’ll get a prompt to add the PIN to continue. However, if you don’t remember the PIN, then you can reset or recover it.
  • Look at the box close to Delete, then click on
  • In case a Nintendo account is connected, choose Confirm, then unlink to get rid of the Nintendo account link.
  • After that, click on “Delete this user”.
  • Immediately after the Account deletion, click on OK to get back to the system.

How to Delete Fortnite Account on Xbox One

  • Choose Sign Inon the top-right corner, then log in to the Epic Games account.
    • Just in case you had logged in Epic Games site from a past session, your user name must appear on the top-right corner of the screen. Drift the mouse on your name then hit
  • On your Epic Games Account, choose Connected Accounts located on the left menu.
  • Choose on Disconnect on the Xbox Account.
    • Immediately a confirmation message pops up. Hit on Unlink to make a confirmation of the Xbox account deletion process.
    • Anytime you think of opening a Fortnite account again after deleting the Epic Games account, you should sign in using an Epic Games account. You can as well sign in using your old Account or any other account.
  • Once you delete your Fortnite Account, all other Epic Games account data will still exist in the company’s servers online. Although, you’ll lose all the game progress that you had accumulated.  You can log in any time you want and pick it from where you left it.

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