Origin is not just a platform meant for digital distribution for buying computer games.

You should download these titles and play themRemember, your origin purchases have a link to your accountTherefore, due to security reasons, you can’t delete the account yourselfFor the process to be successful, ensure you contact an EA advisor then send an account deletion requestHowever, here is a guide on how you can delete your E.A account.

► Play
  • Move to the EA contact page then tap on the “Contact a Game Advisor”
  • With that done, type “I want to delete my Origin account” found on the text input dialog box then tap on the “Find Solutions”
  • Choose on “Origin” from the drop-down list then hit on “Account Management” still from the drop-down list.
  • Choose “Mac” or “PC” on the platform drop-down list then tap on the “Find Solutions” blue button.
  • Make sure you read the information thoroughly concerning closing your account then tap on “I Still Need Help” if you want to continue with the process.
  • Using your credentials (email address and password), log in to your Origin account then tap on the “Chat Now” button located on the live chat part within the page.
► Play
  • After that, relax until you are linked to the next advisor. You will get the wait time on the chat window.
  • Declare that you need to cancel the origin account within the “Type your response here” part within the chat window immediately the advisor is available.
  • Ensure you answer all questions promptly according to how the advisor asks. You should add your email address the account then give a reason why you want to delete your EA origin account.
  • With that done, confirm the account deletion plea when asked by the advisor. Give an answer to the account security question. Then, give answers to all questions asked by the advisor to finish the account deletion process.
  • Immediately you will get a confirmation email that says that your EA origin account is in the deletion cycle.

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