How do I permanently delete my edmodo account?

Deactivate Your Edmodo Account
  1. Click on your Profile Picture in the top toolbar.
  2. Click Settings in the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Deactivate your account located at the bottom of the page.
  4. Enter your password to confirm > Deactivate.

Does edmodo delete inactive account?

If you have not logged into your account at least once in the past year (365 consecutive days), your account is considered inactive and will be deleted from our system.

How do I delete my Edmodo account on Android?

No. You cannot delete your Edmodo account from within the app. To complete deletion you must navigate to the contact us page from a computer browser. You can only locate the page by clicking on the Contact Us link.

How do you delete an edmodo email account?

To remove your email address from your Student account:
  1. Log in to the Student account.
  2. Click on your Profile Picture in the top toolbar.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Remove your email address from the Primary Email field.
  5. Click Save Changes.

How do you delete an Edmodo teacher?

Remove Class/Group Members (Teacher)
  1. Locate the member.
  2. Select More to the right of the member’s name.
  3. Click Remove From Class.

Can you change your username in edmodo?

Username: This is the username you created when first registering for your account. At this time usernames can not be changed!

Is edmodo safe to use?

Edmodo is really safe and a reliable software for anyone like teachers, students and even for parents. Easy to use. Edmodo is basic and similar to much other software used by people like Facebook.

How do I contact edmodo?

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding these Terms or the Services, please contact us at, (650) 336-0395, or 400 Concar Drive, San Mateo, CA 94402.

How do I change my school on Edmodo?

How do you fix the time on Edmodo?

Please check your own timezone settings on Edmodo, and have your students do the same on their account. To adjust your timezone settings: Click on your Profile > Settings. Scroll to the bottom of your Settings page and update your timezone settings.

Why is edmodo not loading?

If your page is slow to load or stuck on loading: Update your web browser. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies and restart your web browser.

How do you get a parent code for edmodo?

Teachers can find a student’s Parent Code by simply doing the following:
  1. Navigate to the Class/Group from the left panel.
  2. Select the Members tab from the left panel.
  3. Click More to the right of the student’s name.
  4. Select Parent Code.

How do I change my edmodo password?

If you’re using Edmodo on the web:
  1. Login to your Parent account.
  2. Click on your Profile Picture in the top toolbar.
  3. Choose Settings from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select Students from the left panel.
  5. Click on the Reset Password button and enter a new password for the student’s account.

How do you unblock on Edmodo?

Go to Click Edmodo. Click Remove Access.

How do you make an account on the Edmodo app?

Navigate to the Edmodo homepage and click Sign Up in the top right corner. Click on Teacher Account. Select your location by using the drop down menu. Enter your email and password then click Create your account.

How do you teach Edmodo?

How can I get Edmodo for use in the classroom? To create a free Edmodo network account, go to and click the “I’m a Teacher” button. After creating an account, you can create a profile, add a picture, create courses, manage notifications, and send group “add” codes so your students can join your course.

What is the disadvantages of edmodo?

Disadvantages of using Edmodo

Secondly, some students may not have the discipline to remain focus and be responsible for keeping up with the assignments since this platform of delivering information is so leisurely. Also, the lack of audio capability.

How do you delete messages on Edmodo?

To delete a Direct Message:
  1. Hover over the Direct Message.
  2. Click on More located to the left of the message.
  3. Click Delete.

What can parents see edmodo?

What can I see as a Parent? By default Parents can view Assignments, Quizzes, and Posts from their child’s Teachers/Co-Teachers. However, as some teachers have different communication preferences in their Class/Group settings, you may not be able to view all Posts.

What are the pros and cons of edmodo?

Pros: Small learning curve for anyone who uses popular social media, as well as a robust community and support. Cons: The user interface is very busy for teachers, especially with ads, and it could use a rubric tool and better collaboration options.