How do I delete my hustle Castle account?

Go into Settings and tap the Account Management button. Next select either the Google Play or Facebook option and choose something different then the default. Uninstall the app, then re-install it from the Google Play, Itunes store or from a backup.

How do I restart hustle Castle?

There’s no option to start the new game. However, if you are absolutely sure about starting over, we can help. Please note, that your current game account will be permanently deleted. Your current game progress and in-app purchases will be permanently lost!

How do I switch accounts on hustle castle?

How do I reset my castle clash account?

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  1. Shut down Castle Clash app (DONT DELETE!! Just stop the task)
  2. log out youre Game Center ID.
  3. Log in Game center with new Id/pass*(other then your main account)
  4. Open Castle Clash app, and you will start from the beginning!

How do you change your name on hustle Castle?

Changing the name of your castle is very easy. You need to make your way to the keep, the first building of the castle, where you find the option to change the name of the castle at the bottom of the screen.

How do I transfer my hustle castle to a new phone?

You can easily transfer your game progress to another device! All you need to do is: Link your game progress to your Google/Game Center (depending on the platform) or Facebook in the game settings (Settings – Account Management).

How do I play Hustle Castle on multiple devices?

You have to start a new game on the new device and play a little bit before the login option becomes available in settings the first time. Just play the intro, takes just a min. Then the login option would be there. Once you’re set, you can seamlesly switch from a device to another.

How do I link my game accounts?

Go to the “Games” section in your personal profile and click the “Edit” button. Select the game you want and click “Link Account“. Then the login window via Steam will appear. Enter the login and password for your account in the appropriate fields.

How do I transfer my castle story to another device?

You need both devices with you in order to transfer your account. – Go to Settings > Transfer Account. – Select “This is the OLD DEVICE.” – Go to Settings > Transfer Account.

How do I transfer my Storm8 ID to a new device?

To do this, visit HOME (unlocks at level 2) -> SETTINGS (tiny cog icon) -> STORM8 tab -> Begin Resume/Transfer button -> New, and from here you can enter your Storm8 ID and password and your data from all Storm8/TeamLava games will have moved to the new device.

Who makes hustle castle?


Can I play bakery story on two devices?

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How do I link my castle clash account?

You can use the Login Feature to set up your Storm8 ID and password to access all games on your account on multiple devices.

How do I transfer Farm Story 2 to another device?

Unfortunately you can not, each platform is a standalone and requires a device of that OS. You can not transfer data from one platform to another, you can however use an emulator for the platform you want to play which is compatible with the device you want to use.

How do I sign into bakery story?