How do I delete my saplings account?

In most cases, you can simply go to your account information on the website and request that your account be closed. However, there are some services that require a phone call to customer service to cancel, even if all your interactions with that brand are through a website.

How do I change my Sapling Learning email?

How do I find my Macmillan access code?

How do I find my access code? You will find your access code printed on the inside cover of your book or booklet, unless otherwise instructed by your local Macmillan representative or learning material supplier.

How do I access my ebook on Macmillan?

You can access all eBooks you’ve bought from Macmillan at any time by logging into your ‘My Account’ area. Can I print the eBooks I buy from Macmillan? Most of our eBooks cannot be printed however, any that are marked as “Photocopiable” can be printed.

Can I get a refund from sapling?

You can only return your unused physical purchased item(s) for a refund of the purchase price we received (excluding shipping fees) if we receive your refund request via your Macmillan My Account Page within 21 calendar days of your purchase and we receive your returned product within 30 calendar days of purchase in

Can Macmillan learning detect cheating?

Your instructors generally have access to all School Data, including the information generated by your use of the products for a class, and we may provide other information to your school as needed to investigate possible academic fraud or cheating.

How much does Macmillan achieve cost?

Starting as low as $25 net* per semester, students can access Achieve Read & Practice’s full e-book and full suite of practice quizzing proven to increase their final grade!

How do I log into Macmillan Education?

What is Macmillan achieve?

Achieve incorporates existing Macmillan textbook content into a digital platform with additional features designed to improve the student experience and assist instructors. On top of curricular content, they offer adaptive learning technology, auto-graded assessments and student performance tracking.

What is read and practice Macmillan?

With Read & Practice, students come to class having read and are more prepared—so they perform better in the course. And instructors have analytics that tell them which students need help.

How do I get achieve access code?

There are two main ways to get an access code for Achieve. Purchase from your school bookstore – You may have purchased an access code from your bookstore, either in the form of an access card or contained in a new book.

How do I get achieve access?

What is learning curve Macmillan?

How do you buy achievement?

LearningCurve is adaptive game-like quizzing that helps students focus on the material they need most help with. When they get a question wrong, feedback tells them why and links them to the book for review—and then they get a chance to try again.

Where is the LaunchPad access code?

  1. Enter the course ID provided by your instructor to find your course.
  2. Select your purchase option and complete checkout.
  3. Once you check out, you’ll receive an email with a link to your course. (You can also find the link under My Account.) Get Started with Achieve.

Is LaunchPad free for students?

Where do I get one? We create cardboard access cards for LaunchPad, e-books, and other premium media. An access code is printed inside each card.

Does Macmillan LaunchPad have an app?

21 days of free access allows them to keep up with their assignments and use the e-Book in LaunchPad until they can pay for materials. Testing a Digital-Only Approach. LaunchPads that come with an e-Book are a cost-effective way to save money by foregoing a physical textbook for online-only resources.

Are learning curve quizzes timed?

The Macmillan Learning eBook app is available for Android/Kindle Fire and iOS devices. If you are accessing your e-book on a mobile device, simply tap the menu icon in the upper left, then tap Download App. Download and install the app on your device.

How do you delete a Launchpad account?

This brings up another important point about LearningCurve. Students are guaranteed to earn full credit as long as they finish the assessment. Personally, I have had many students tell me how much they prefer this form of testing over a traditional, timed quiz.

How do I check my grades on Launchpad?

Step 1: Visit your Launchpad profile. Step 2: Click Change details. If you wish to ensure that your name is not displayed on links to your account after deactivation, then edit your personal details here before continuing. Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Deactivate your account.

What is the purpose of Launchpad?

On the main screen, you will notice under the menu column on the left-hand side, there is a button named “Gradebook” – clicking on this will take you to a table that lists the current scores for every student in your course.