Is your Netflix app is distracting you from being productive because you watch it too much or are you no longer a member of the Netflix subscription plan and simply want to delete it? Good! You came to the right place, this article is exclusively written for you.

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On PlayStation

  1. Go to your Home Screen Menu
  1. Select and press the TV/Video tab

  1. Find and tap on Netflix App

  1. On your remote controller press these buttons according to PlayStation device version you’re using:
  • PS 3: A Triangle button
  • PS 4: Options Button
  • PS Vita: Highlight and hold the Netflix App and then press a three dots button
  1. Click on the Delete button
  1. Confirm deletion

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On Windows

  1. Go to the Windows Menu or Start

  1. You’ll see Netflix App there
  1. Perform the below steps on the relevant devices:
  • On a PC or computer: Select Netflix and right click it
  • On Tablets/Phones: Highlight by tapping and holding the Ap for a few seconds
  1. Press Uninstall
  1. Confirm and hit Ok

On Xbox

  1. Go to the Xbox Main Menu/Dashboard

  1. Go to and open My Apps
  1. Select Netflix

  1. Press Delete or X Button on your Remote Controller
  1. Tap Ok

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On Mobile Phone

  1. Go to Home

  1. Select Netflix and hold it
  1. Drag the Netflix app to the trash can in the top right corner
  1. Confirm by pressing Ok

Tip: You can use this method on both IOS as well as Android phones

Important: When you delete or uninstall the Netflix App then the data such as video titles will also be deleted along with it.

On Amazon Fire TV Stick

  1. Go the Main Menu or Home
  1. Then tap on the Settings Button
  1. Go to the Applications Sections
  1. Go the Installed Applications and select Netflix
  1. Tap on Delete or Uninstall and then press Ok

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