Once you have made up your mind to move to another service or simply remove all your data from the Picasa Pictures on your smartphone, remember to follow the below steps.

One thing that you can notice is that it does not allow directly removing them from the Gallery.

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  1. Do Not Sync Anymore

The Picasa album is generated by syncing your photos to the database so that it is available across devices. You can stop it by reading a FAQ at Picasa Support.

  • Go to your Settings in the phone, and look for Accounts. Now, select the Google icon to find the email account you are using here.
  • There are several options to check or uncheck, including Google Photos. Once you uncheck this, you can see “Sync is OFF”.
  1. Remove the Pictures

You want to remove the pictures from the gallery now, and that can be done is many ways.

  • You can identify the locations and manually transfer or delete the photos from them.
  • You can manually look for the photos that you want to delete and keep the rest of them.
  1. Removing Picasa Pictures from Your Gallery

When you have the Google account sync, the Picasa Albums create an unending series of thumbnails on your Gallery.

  • As we have removed the sync from under Accounts, we have stopped further addition of data.
  • Now, remove the Picasa Albums from your gallery by actually deleting all data from the Gallery app.
  • To do so you have to go to the apps section and look for Gallery.
  1. Removing Gallery Completely

If you are running a stock version of Android, then you can remove the data collected by your Gallery app from under the apps section.

  • Go to Settings, and look for Apps, find Gallery.
  • This will take you the app with options to clear its cache or data or all data.
  • Here you can choose to clear all the data, and the Gallery will become empty.
  1. Verify the Process

Once you go through the above step, the gallery will start deleting the data.

  • Look for the Gallery app after some minutes to verify if the Picasa Albums and all albums were deleted.
  • This will not delete the actual photos from other locations, but just their indexes from the Gallery.
  1. Refresh the Gallery

This can also be confusing to beginners because there is no refresh button to do to so.

  • Open the app.
  • Wait for some time.
  • The thumbnails should erase, else do it manually.
  1. Manually Removing Thumbnails

You have to do this on your own even after waiting to auto-refresh. To do that, do the following steps:

  • Select all the thumbnails in your gallery.
  • Delete them from the gallery.
  • On other versions of Android, you might have a different way.


  • Now, no more photos will are added to your Picasa.
  • It is a stop switch for Picasa and you can remove your app too after this.

To uninstall Picasa read.

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