iCloud only gives you 5GB of free stories which for some people may be very less to store their pictures, videos, movies, songs, etc. Why use it for unnecessary data? Here is an easy way to get rid of all the data that is unimportant and use the iCloud storage space judiciously.

What is an iCloud Backup?

iCloud backs up all of the data of your iPad and iPhone automatically each day, till the time your device is connected to Wi-Fi, locked, turned on and is well connected to a source of power. It makes the restoration of the device easier in case you wish to wipe it or set a new iPad or iPhone with your pre-existing data and the official link – https://www.icloud.com/ for the same is.

Some of the data which gets backed up to iCloud are mentioned below:

  • Purchase history of iTunes.
  • Photos as well as videos. It will not be uploaded if in case you have enabled iCloud photo library.
  • Device settings > App data, health data > App organization > Home screen > iMessage, MMS, texts, ringtones.

Why should Everyone Keep an iCloud Backup?

There are several benefits associated with keeping an iCloud backup some of which are mentioned below:

  • By keeping an iCloud backup, you can carry all your data virtually everywhere you go.
  • You will be able to restore the data of your iPad or iPhone from anywhere.
  • It will be very helpful for you if you have multiple devices.

What is the Procedure of Deleting Your iCloud Backups from Your iPhone or iPad?

If you want to delete iCloud backups from your iPad or iPhone then follow the following steps:

  • Go to the ‘Settings App’ on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Then, click on your Apple ID located at the top of the screen. Click on the ‘iCloud’ tab.
  • Under the iCloud tab, click ‘Manage Storage’. Click on ‘Backup’.
  • Select the device whose backup is to be deleted. Click ‘Turn Off’ & ‘Delete’.

How can You Delete the Backups of iCloud from Your Mac?

Is the procedure for deleted iCloud backups from your Mac same as that in iPhone or iPad? Look at the procedure below to find out.

  • Go to ‘System Preferences’ on your Mac. Click on ‘iCloud’ and then sign-in. Click on ‘Manage’, which would be located on the right corner of the window.
  • Tap on backups which you will find in the menu on the left-hand side.
  • Tap on ‘Delete’ located on the bottom left of the pane. Then, tap on ‘Delete’.
  • After it’s done, click on ‘Done’ or repeat the above steps if you want to delete any other backup.

How to Know what is Consuming Space in the iCloud?

In order to delete backups, you should know amongst all the data, which are the ones taking up a lot of space. For this, first, go to settings, then Apple ID, then, iCloud and finally click on ‘Manage Stores’.  This helps you see what all are present in your backup and which data is consuming how much of space. Following is the list of all those items which take up a lot of data:

  • Email messages along with attachments
  • iCloud backups
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • WhatsApp backups

Are All Items Stored in an iCloud Backup?

Not all items are stored in iCloud. Following is a list of items which are not stored in iCloud:

  • Apps, music, books, movies, etc. bought in iTunes
  • Photostream
  • Uploaded photos

How to Manage Photos?

Photos take up a lot of space in iCloud and managing it is very important. To do so, you can exclude your photos and videos from your iCloud backups, download them from your iCloud to your computer and then delete them from your iCloud. Follow the given steps to do the same but remember, once they are deleted, they cannot be restored again.

  • Exclude photos from iCloud backup. To do so, go to settings, click on your Apple ID, then on iCloud, following this click on ‘Manage Storage’, then on ‘Photos and then finally click on ‘Disable’ and ‘Delete’.
  • Back up all the photos on your iCloud to your PC or external hard disk. This can be done in a few clicks with the CopyTrans cloudly.
  • Delete pictures from your iCloud. If you do not wish your new photos to be uploaded to your iCloud then disable your iCloud Photo Library.
  • Transfer pics from your personal computer to your iPhone.

How to Delete Files Stored in Your iCloud Drive?

To free up your iCloud storage, you can also delete the files stored by you in iCloud Drive. For this follow the given steps:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ > Apple ID’ > ‘iCloud’ > manage storage > finally click on ‘iCloud Drive’.
  • All the files stored in the iCloud drive will be visible to you.
  • Simply swipe left and then click the trash icon in order to delete the file.

How to Delete Email from Your iCloud Backup?

If you are using your iCloud address as your email then they will also get backed up. Use the following steps to delete all the unnecessary emails with large attachments:

  • Open the ‘Mail’ app.
  • Tap the trash button after swiping left over an email.
  • Tap ‘Edit’ and then finally delete all by going to the Trash folder.

How to Find More Information about Your Backups?

You can find more information about your iCloud backups by following the given steps:

  • Go to ‘Settings’.
  • Click on ‘Apple ID’.
  • Then on ‘iCloud’.
  • Click on ‘Manage Storage’.
  • Next on ‘Backup’.


  • Since the free space given to you for your iCloud backup is very less, use the above-mentioned steps to manage your storage space and use this facility judiciously.

Keep on repeating these steps after regular intervals.