How does an athlete cancel their TrainingPeaks coaching services?

You may cancel at any time by contacting a Coach Match Manager or Specialist; a cancellation will take effect on your next payment date.

How do I contact training peaks?

If you have any questions regarding these Terms of Use, please contact us by email at, by mail at TrainingPeaks, LLC, 7007 Winchester Circle, Suite 200, Boulder, Colorado 80301, or by phone at 720-406-1839.

Is Training Peaks any good?

TrainingPeaks is the winner for analysis capabilities, although the free version is a little limited, the paid version is very capable in both single workout analysis and longer term reviews and planning. TrainingPeaks beats Strava as a planning tool and if you want to work with training plans.

What devices are compatible with TrainingPeaks?

Who uses TrainingPeaks?

TrainingPeaks is compatible with over 100 GPS, ANT+, and Bluetooth Smart enabled watches, bike computers, mobile applications and indoor training platforms.

Who founded TrainingPeaks?

TrainingPeaks solutions are used by Tour de France teams, IRONMAN® World Champions, Olympians, and age group athletes and coaches around the world to track, analyze and plan their training. It was the late-90’s and thanks to his popular Training Bible book series, Joe Friel’s coaching business was growing rapidly.

What is run gap?

A look back at our beginnings, a deliberate shift in focus, and a call to action for our coaches. It’s hard to believe, but September marks 20 years since I first began building TrainingPeaks along with my co-founders Joe Friel and Gear Fisher. How did such a journey begin?

Can you connect strava to TrainingPeaks?

What is GAP? Grade Adjusted Pace takes into account the steepness of terrain during your runs and estimates an equivalent pace on flat land. Because running uphill requires extra work, your Grade Adjusted Pace on ascents will be faster than your actual pace.

What is Wahoo Fitness App?

At this time TrainingPeaks and Strava do not offer direct syncing between our platforms. 1. Connect your device to TrainingPeaks – The best way to get your data into TrainingPeaks is to use the original file created by your device and save it directly into TrainingPeaks.

How does RunGap work?

iPhone and Android. Wahoo Fitness products are compatible with over 110 different training apps, so you can find a solution to meet all your fitness needs. Wahoo Fitness makes cycling, running, and fitness apps to connect you to your workout via the device you have with you always – your smartphone!

Is Strava better than Nike Run Club?

Is RunGap free?

Both Strava and Nike Run Club have been designed well with a clean and functional interface. There are more than 25 activities that you can track with Strava. Most people use it for running and bike rides though. Nike Run Club is more focused.

What is RunGap swag bag?

RunGap is free on The App Store.

How do I export RunGap?

RunGap – Workout Data Manager 4+

Easily share, backup and export your workouts as you like (requires “Swag Bag” subscription available as in-app purchase). RunGap can both read and write workouts from and to Health including route maps, heart rate and distance.

Can Apple Health send data to Garmin Connect?

Once you have setup your connection to Strava in RunGap you can export any of your workouts to Strava.
  1. In RunGap tap the menu icon top left and select Activities.
  2. You will see a list of activities that RunGap has.
  3. Tap on the one you want to export.
  4. Tap the three dots and select Share.

How do you use the Exercisedoors app?

If you are using an iOS device (iPhone).

Garmin Connect app will share your activity with Apple Health to share on MaximusLife app. So you will need to be sure Apple Health is toggled on in the MaximusLife app.

How do you use the health Fit app?

How do you set up a RunGap?

Does AllTrails work with Apple Watch?

Connecting your Strava Account

To connect your Strava account, select “Accounts & Settings” from the upper left menu and then “Strava.” Next, enter your email address and password and choose “Login.” RunGap will now connect securely to your account and ask you if you would like to update your activities.

Does Workoutdoors Sync with Apple Health?

AllTrails offers an Apple Watch app that can be used in conjunction with our iPhone app. The watch app allows you to control and view activity stats directly on the watch screen while using Navigator to follow your route.