An online dating service Zoosk is available for service in countries like Europe.

If you don’t wish to use their services anymore, you can always go ahead and deactivate the accountAnd, this will make your profile invisible and not reachable by othersIt is the simplest way to delete your account from appearing online as well.

  1. Find your App and Close it from Running

The simplest way to start with this application is to locate in on your smartphone and disable the permissions granted to this app. You can go to your applications list from the Settings, Permissions and uncheck all the permissions to the app. This app is a heart-shaped icon inside a blue square. You can find it by directly searching from the app drawer too. Close all the permissions. Do not delete or uninstall the app, because that does not erase any contents or your profile either.

  1. Sign in Zoosk

Go ahead, tap the icon and launch the app now. You had already disabled all permission earlier. Now, you need to sign in. If it asks for internet permission, enable it and continue. The apps by default have permissions over notifications, always on, default usage of the internet and so on. Once you have signed in we can continue to next step. If you have forgotten your account credentials because you have not used for a while, you can reset your password. Use the “Forget password” link to go ahead and do that, and return back here. You can also sign in using Facebook. Try to log into the same account at you had been using earlier, or you might end up creating a separate new account again. So, take note when doing the same.

  1. Go to the Main Menu

Upon launching the app, you saw the login screen and you have signed in by now. Now you can check a profile that is suggested to you right on the screen. But, there is also the Menu bar at the top left corner. These are about three to four horizontal lines running parallel to each other. When tapping on them you can find a list of items appearing and disappearing on tapping again. This is the Main Menu of the app. This gives you control to your preferences, settings, and others right from the app.

  1. Go to Settings

When you tap on the Main Menu on the top left corner, you can see Carousal, Online Now, Views, SmartPick and Settings at the very bottom of the menu. All your preferences and other settings can be tweaked from this place. So, you have to tap this one now. Scroll through the Main Menu to get to there. The Settings has an icon with “gears” and you can identify it even if using another language and not English. Inside Settings, you have the Accounts.

  1. Go to Accounts

► Play

Now tap on the first entry after you have got into Settings. In order to edit you have to click on the “Pencil” icon on the right end of the Account Status. Tap on the “Deactivate” button select one of the reasons to deactivate the account. Choose one and enter. Your Zoosk account has been deleted now.

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