What happens to tally at the end of specials?

Tally wants Shay to take the pills, but she refuses to say she’s happy the way she is. Tally, regretting betraying the Smoke and Shay, Tally decides to sacrifice herself and goes back to New Pretty Town to be turned pretty and test the pills.

Does Tally end up with David in extras?

David never surged to become a “pretty”, and is the only main character who was left ugly. At the conclusion of Extras, Aya notices David and Tally’s closeness, confirming that, at the series‘ end, David and Tally are a couple.

What happened at the end of pretties?

Tally decides to stay with Zane instead of escaping with David. David believes that she only wants to stay with Zane because he is a Pretty. To make David leave and not get caught himself, Tally tells him to “get his ugly face out of here”. … The book ends with Shay saying ‘face it Tally-wa, you’re special’.

What does tally look like as a pretty?

About Tally:

She has frizzy brown hair, beady hazel eyes that are too close together, a patchy complexion, thin lips, a flat nose, and she hates the right side of her face. She dreams of becoming pretty on her 16th birthday and to live in New Pretty Town.

Who are David’s parents uglies?

David’s parents Maddy and Az are doctors who have a secret. And they’re a little annoyed at David because he brought Tally here and they don’t like to tell their secret.

What does Dr Cable look like in uglies?

Appearance. As a Special, Dr. Cable possesses a terrifying “cruel beauty” that commands instant respect. She has dull, grey, wolfish eyes, sharp teeth, and is taller than Zane, who is the maximum Pretty height of two meters.

What is Tally’s nickname in Uglies?

Tally Youngblood is the main character of the story. She is clever and loves tricks. Her Ugly nickname is Squint.

Who is the hero in the book Uglies?

Tally Youngblood
Tally Youngblood Character Analysis. The protagonist of the novel. Tally is a 15-year-old ugly who looks forward to her birthday, at which point she (like all 16-year-olds in her society) will receive an operation that makes her pretty.

Is there an Uglies movie?

Joey King and Chase Stokes cast in new Netflix movie based on ‘Uglies‘ book series. … Joey King and Chase Stokes will star in the Netflix movie adaptation of “Uglies,” based on the young adult science-fiction series by Scott Westerfeld. Netflix confirmed the casting to TODAY, and shared the exciting news on social media.

Who is Tally Youngbloods boyfriend?

Zane: The founder of the Crims and Tally’s boyfriend. He has long suspected that something is not quite right with Pretties and is forever finding ways to rebel. When he shares the cure with Tally, it works immediately and he soon plans an escape from the city.

Does Tally like Peris?

Their bond is strong enough that Tally primarily yearns to become pretty so she can be with Peris again. When Tally finds Peris at a party, however, Peris seems very different: he’s not happy to see Tally, for one, and he accuses her of being childish and naïve.

How does the book Uglies end?

David’s mom has come up with a way to cure the brain damage, but she needs a willing volunteer. Tally feels so guilty that she volunteers. The book ends with Tally confessing to David how she’s responsible and giving herself up to the city authorities.

Does Shay turn pretty?

It’s clear that Shay’s feelings for David are real, but David suggests that Shay is too flighty and immature for him. Shay is the only one to connect that Tally is working with Special Circumstances betrayed the Smoke, and the Specials forcibly turn Shay pretty to stop her from resisting.

Is there romance in Uglies?

Later in the series, there is more romance, but it’s never the focus. There are a lot of really great relationships that develop through the series, though. Most notably, Tally and her friend Shay who have one of the most dynamic friendships and rivalries I’ve ever read!

Does tally become pretty in the Uglies?

Tally Timeline and Summary

They pull some ugly tricks, and Shay teaches Tally how to ride a hoverboard, but they also argue about whether or not the pretty surgery is a good thing. Shay leaves for the Smoke, but Tally stays to be made pretty.

What does David look like in uglies?

He’s 18 years old, and though he’s an ugly, he exudes a confidence that Tally has never seen before. This confidence makes him kind of handsome, despite having scars, being too strong for pretty standards, and having an asymmetrical face.

Is Shay a boy in uglies?

So, how about these three reasons that Shay’s such a rebel: She thinks the pretty system threatens her identity. She’s into a rebel boy, David. She has a different perspective on the pretty surgery since she knows that things have been different in the past—and could be different in the future.

Why did tally betray Shay?

Tally betrayed Peris because her desires for helping out Shay were more important to her than to become “pretty”, at the time. … While arriving to the Smoke, she chose her own desires instead of helping her friend.

Does Tally like David?

The night before the Smoke is discovered by Special Circumstances, David admits his feelings to Tally and they kiss.

Do David and Tally get back together?

David never surged to become a “pretty”, and is the only main character who was left ugly. At the conclusion of Extras, Aya notices David and Tally’s closeness, confirming that, at the series’ end, David and Tally are a couple.

Who does tally end up with in specials?

I was sooo happy when in the next book Tally and David ended up together.. l.i could picture them running of into the woods together…but was disappointed in the books on the story line, it was dragging after the 2nd one!! It’s a good story that got hijacked by Mother Nature.