Learning to draw a fish, a bass, a catfish becomes easier when in a real class, but online has drawn live classes and notes are helpful too, if not ideal.

How to Draw a Catfish?

A catfish is one of the easiest to draw that is similar to any generic fish but add a couple of lines, and you have a catfish. This YouTube video explains it all in under a minute.

  • Begin with the usual outline of a fish that is like an oval or egg. The mouth has an opening like an arrow and it tapers behind at its tail.
  • Draw a pair of fins, the tail and add details. Finally, add a pair of whiskers and you are good to go.

How to Draw a Bass Clef?

Now, a bass clef is a totally different thing than a fish. It does not look like a fish; in fact, it is not an animal or anything even close. A bass clef is a musical note and you need a five-line notebook to draw a bass clef. Again, we take the help of our community video-sharing platform, YouTube for a quick explanation in under a minute.

  • First, begin with a dot on the 4th line of the music staff.
  • Then, draw a curve ear shape beginning from the dot, goes high to the 5th line, and falls back all the way to the bottom, 1st
  • Third, draw a pair of dots, one on each side of the 4th line of the music staff, towards the right side of the above ear shape.

How to Draw a Sea Bass?

Now, coming back to our sea-dwelling creatures, fishes, and most importantly the sea bass, we can learn how to draw it easily in under a minute. One must look at the details that make it look unique and different from a regular fish. Sea bass has lots of features that identify it from others.

  • First, look at the final sketch and see if you can notice the unique patterns on its body. Sea bass has distinct wavy-like patterns on the center of its body, followed by the saw-like fins on the top of the back, a little behind its head.
  • Then you can notice two large fins one at the dorsal and other at the ventral side, that is, the upper and lower side.
  • Finally, note the smaller fins and the jagged skin near its gills, right beside the mouth.

How to Draw an Easy Catfish?

To draw a catfish you must also follow the same steps as above. Learn to differentiate the body structure from at least 4 to 5 different sketches from Google Search, Bing, or DuckDuckGo, and compare them with each other.

  • A catfish has distinctive whiskers on its mouth. It also has some beneath its mouth like a goat beard.
  • The fish has a smooth body with fins at its back and right near its tail. It is flat near the mouth and bulges in the middle and then flattens near its tail (in the opposite direction).
  • It is also longer and narrower than sea bass.


  • It is always best to start by looking at a few different sketches and drawing a bass. For a quick video tutorial, YouTube is always the better choice.
  • Beginning to draw by copying should be the next step, but start with the simplest one, and then more detailed drawings can be tried.
  • Finally, try adding details, sketching, shading, and patterns to the body.

How do you draw a sea bass?

Step 1: Start by drawing the outline of the Black Sea Bass using gently curved lines as shown in the image. The body of the sea bass is shaped like a broad oval. Draw a groove at one end of the body for the mouth of the sea bass. Step 2: Draw a tiny circle for the eye and then draw a small ring around it.

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