Since ancient times, boats are used for traveling and fishing. Over the centuries they have gained more importance among people living in coastal areas and riverfront cities. An illustration of a boat is a beautiful symbol of journey and merriment. Drawing a boat is not only easy but also fun.

  1. Draw the Hull

When you draw the hull, it would cover the overall outline of a simple boat. Instead of a perspective view, we will be considering a direct view to make things easier.

  • You can start by drawing a horizontal line to create the gunwale of the hull. This is the top edge that has a straight middle part but curvy ends.
  • After drawing the straight line, you can make the ends curve upwards.
  • Make the curve of the bow higher than the curve of the stern. Now draw 2 tilted vertical lines downwards from the bow and the stern. This would be the height of the hull.
  • Now join the two ends of the line to make the base of the hull.
  1. Draw the Mast and Sail

Your boat may not look as impressive as you would want if you omit the sail portion. Drawing a sail may seem difficult if you are doing it for the first time. But if you know the basic framework of a sail it wouldn’t take much time.

  • Select a point little near to the bow on the gunwale of your boat to create the mast of your sail. Starting from this point draw a straight vertical line. The angle between the line and the gunwale should be roughly 90 degrees.
  • The mast shouldn’t be too big or too small. You can keep the length almost the same as the total length of your gunwale.

If you are drawing a cartoon sketch of a boat, you can keep the sail as simple as possible. Here we would draw a single-sided sail.

  • Draw a curvy line from the mast to the gunwale. The line should begin from a point very near the top end of the mast and end at a point near the stern.
  • The outward curve of the sail shows the direction of the wind. Now you have to draw the other end of the sail. This consists of two parts.
  • First, you have to draw a horizontal (upward-facing) curve connecting the lower tip of the first curve to the lower tip of the mast. On this curve select a point near the mast and draw another vertical curve that ends at the upper tip of the first curve.
  1. Highlight the Main Parts

Now that you have created the boat, you can make it more appealing by drawing a few lines to highlight the major parts of the boat. You can do it in different ways that suit your imagination.

  • Draw an additional line just below the gunwale to accentuate the hull of your boat. Make sure that the line has the same curves as the gunwale and runs entirely parallel to it.
  • Draw a few curved lines horizontally on the sail to separate the sail from the rest of the parts.


  • You can also draw a flag on the top end of the mast to make it look interesting. The flag should appear to be waving in the wind.
  • You can delete the base of the hull and draw some waves to create an image of a boat sailing in the water.

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