Football is a great sport.

There are millions of people all around the world who enjoy the game of footballAlso, billions around the world watch football matches on TV and live internet streaming.

If you are a football fan and you want to draw it, you are in the right place. There are two types of football games. One is American Football and the other one is regular football, also known as soccer. We will teach how to draw both balls. Read on!

Method 1: American Football

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American football is a famous game in North American countries like the U.S. and Canada. Although people play this game all over the world, its popularity in the U.S and Canada is overwhelming. Here are the steps to draw American football.

Step 1:

You can start the drawing by sketching a long oval shape. Make sure the oval shape does not look round. Do not draw the oval too thin. At the same time, don’t make it too thick. We want you to draw an oval shape that looks balanced. Now, draw a long and curved line. The line must touch the end of the shape that you have drawn.

Next, you need to draw two stripes. They must appear on the upper portion of the oval. Also, you need to leave some room in the middle of the upper part where you will add some stitches. This way, the football will look realistic.

Step 2:

After you have created the outline and the oval shape, the next step is to draw the stitches. Now, add these stitches to a thin and long horizontal rectangle. Next, you need to draw a few lines. These lines are actually the stitches.

Make sure the stitches appear vertical. Now, again, you need to work on the football outline to make a perfect shape. Both ends should appear slightly curved toward the inside. This way, the shape of your football has been completed.

Step 3:

Finally, it is time to color your American football. To make the football look beautiful and attractive, you need to add some shadows under the drawing of the ball. Also, do not forget to add some shadows under the stitches. Moreover, you can create a cool football by adding some lines, which will appear like dust on it.

So, this is the best way to create a realistic American football drawing. It is easy to make this type of football. However, practice is key. Practice more and more to finally achieve your goal of drawing an accurate shape.

Method 2: Regular Football

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Modern footballs are available in different forms, patterns, and designs. Although it is easy to design a regular football that has a black and white pattern, you can also make a realistic one by adding unique design and color to the shape. Remember, regular football is completely round.

On the other hand, we all love the traditional black and white pattern of football. When we think of the football draw, we always imagine the traditional one. This is the psychological impact of the football game we have on our minds. So, here the steps to make a realistic football drawing.

Step 1:

You can start your drawing by creating a nice clean circle. Then, you need to draw to lines that are parallel to each other. The lines must go through the circle. After doing this, the next step is to draw a perpendicular line.

Now, draw a shape that looks pentagonal. You must draw it in the center. You can easily draw the pentagonal shape in the middle of the circle using a straight line. Once done, you need to draw more pentagonal shapes. You can even draw circles instead of pentagonal shapes because the design depends on your personal preference.

Step 2:

Continue working in the same way and draw all the polygons. This way, you will cover the right side of the football. Also, do the same for the left side of the football drawing. Now, erase the straight line that you drew in the first step. Make sure you do this carefully. Do not disturb the polygons while erasing it. Slow and steady is the strategy that you need here.

Step 3:

You have almost completed the drawing. The key is to fill polygons in one part of the football and then draw alternate polygons in the other part of the football. So, next, you need to leave one polygon and fill the other one with a black pencil. This way, you can make the original black and white pattern.


Wrapping up, it is no surprise to tell you that football is the most amazing and thrilling sport in the world. It has millions of fans all around the world. Everyone loves it and this is why fans want to draw a beautiful football drawing and hang it in their drawing room to pay tribute to the great game. You can either draw American football or the regular one. Lastly, you can draw both of them as it depends on how much you love this sport.

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