Since the lotus is a quite different and large flower, it is also easy to draw. You will need not more than a few ovals and triangles in a crude sense. But, later you can improvise, add details, colors and make it look all-natural. Here are some steps for beginners to draw a nice lotus out of simple strokes.

  1. Find Your Supplies and References

First, we will try to find a nice clean picture of a lotus that we want to draw, and then we will follow the below steps to learn how to draw it in a simple manner.

  • Get your pencil, eraser, and sharpener.
  • Get also a few pieces of rough paper from used notebooks and other stuff.
  1. Start with the First Petal

In the case of the lotus plant, all you can see are its petals. The pink ones with the small yellow circle in the center are all petals. In the case of the 2nd reference used above, we can clearly see how to draw the petals.

  • Use a shape of two curves enclosed on one side.
  • Or, draw an oval and make it pointy on one end, keep it vertical.
  • This should look like one of the petals as you can see above.
  • This should look like the teardrop or water drop when thought of it.
  1. Add More Petals

Once you have finished the first one, above, we will use it as the base and add more petals to it on each side, one at a time. We try to do that in pairs so that the flower looks more symmetrical. Again, refer to the icon we have found above.

  • Draw a second petal rising from the side of the first one above.
  • Draw two curves that are broad at the bottom but meeting at sharp points at the top.
  • Just try to copy this as much as possible on the left side of the first petal too.
  • Remember, we want to make it look symmetrical.
  1. Draw More Petals

Remember from the first reference picture that a lotus flower has many petals. It is even not possible to count them at times from mere looking. When you add more petals, it also looks more full and rich.

  • Draw additional pairs of petals on each side of the above petals.
  • Draw one on the right-hand side.
  • Then, draw one on the left-hand side.
  • Always try to maintain the symmetry, in the number of petals too.
  • You can keep doing this till they become horizontal and there are no more petals that can be added at their sides.
  1. Add Inverted Petals

When you are done with the above petal set, remember that we have to draw some petals that appear folding outwards and snooping downward at the front and at sides. These will be the same as the top petal but drawn inverted.

  • Draw a single thick waterdrop, inverted. Do not make it long, shorter than the waterdrop right above it. This is drawn at the center of the above stock.
  • Draw one more on the right-hand side, inverted.
  • Draw another on the left-hand side, inverted.
  • Go back to the top portion, and simply draw two lines like a triangle in between the waterdrop petals.
  • Once done, the lotus flower is complete. Just add a long stalk by drawing two parallel lines from the bottom.


  • Start with a reference picture like an icon as above.
  • Get to a more realistic one after the simple lotus.

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