• Draw a vertical straight line and divide it into 8 equal portions. In general, adults are 8 head lengths tall. Each section will represent 1 head length, that is, the length from the top of your person’s head to bottom. Also, draw horizontal lines to divide up the vertical line. Always remember that the first horizontal line will be the top of your person’s head and the last line will be the bottom of your person’s feet.
  • Then, sketch of the different body parts roughly. The horizontal lines that you drew help you to have a rough piece of work. Sketch out the most important body parts first, that is the head, arms, body, and legs. Sketch the head on the top head length portion, the arms and the body should start from the second to the fourth portion. The legs should occupy the remaining four head lengths.
  • Join the different body parts you sketched and refine your work. Try to trace the outer edges of your drawing to connect the different body parts. This allows you to have a flow of your person from head to toe. At this stage also you can decide whether to draw a male or female. If you want a male drawing, broaden the chest, shoulders and also the waist. Narrow down the hips for this kind of drawing. If you want a female, narrow the chest and shoulders while you widen the hips and thighs.
  • After that, add in smaller details like the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and hands. Bring in the complete features of the body parts of a person. If you want to come up with a male, sketch the muscles on the chest, arms and stomach. For a female, draw the breasts, hair, round hips, and thighs. At this level, the drawing of body parts is done.
  • Draw your person’s cloth over the body. Be a creative artist and sketch the clothes perfectly on the body parts they would fall when a person wears them. Come up with different wear styles of dress, skirt, short and also accessories. Depending on your drawing, come up with a natural dressing style of your male or female. Finally, erase any parts of the body inside the clothes since it would be covered up in a real setting.
  • Lastly, remove any unnecessary lines and shade from your drawing. Get a good eraser and do away with the lines you drew to come up with the head length sections. Also, erase any sketch that is unwanted to make the drawing more appealing. To create a natural drawing, shade the skin, clothes, and hair. It also makes the picture three-dimensional.

How to Draw a Person’s Face

  • If you want a perfect person’s face, start with a circle. Sketch a big circle with a horizontal line below it for the chin. Draw the jawline of your person. Also, draw a vertical line cutting the person’s face at the center. Make sure the two parts are equal.
  • Then, using a ruler, draw the guidelines on the face. Place the ruler at the center of your drawing to come up with the first line. Divide up your sketch into 8 equal parts and mark them with faint lines.
  • Sketch the eyes in the right position. On the centerline that you marked, make 4 ticks that are spread evenly. Draw your eyes sitting on this line roughly. Don’t worry if the eyes go over or under the line.
  • After that, draw the nose. Sketch the nose proportionate to the eyes. From where the inner corners of the eyes are, extend two lines. Draw two circles anywhere between the two lines. If you are drawing a male figure, make the nose in an angular shape.
  • Add the eyebrows. To come with a good brow line for your eyebrows, extend the nose bridge past the eyelids. Using a good pencil, sketch the eyebrows along the brow bone. Draw them depending on the gender of your drawing. For males, draw thick bushy eyebrows while for females, draw light shaped ones.
  • To draw the lips, use a triangular-shaped object. Draw a vertical line down the center of each eye to determine the outer boundary of your person’s lips. Place the triangular shape in the small box where the nose starts. It will guide you to come up with your person’s lips.
  • Draw the ears. Sketch the ears between line two and line four of your face.
  • Add in the hair. Draw the top hairline somewhere between lines 1 and 2. For a male figure, sketch the hair from the sides of the head to bring out a solid and visible hairline. For a female figure, you can draw different hairstyles.
  • Lastly, erase any unnecessary outline. Get rid of the faint lines running through your drawing. You will come up with a good drawing.

How to Draw a Person for Kids

If you want to train your child how to draw a person, here are the different steps to take;

  • firstly, learn with them how the body is put together. Teach them where the different parts of the body are located. This is achievable by demonstrating to them where the nose, mouth, eyes, ears, legs, hands among others are found.
  • Blind contour drawing. After your child has fully recognized the body parts, ask them to draw what they see. Encourage them not to concentrate on what the hand is drawing but, on the object, they are drawing.
  • Body tracing. To make your kid have good drawing skills, have them do different body organ tracing. This is perfect for the hands and feet. Teach them to place their hand on the drawing book and trace them as they appear.
  • Then, sketch each other or use a mannequin. If you have more than one kid in your house, tell them to draw each other. If the kid is alone, you can have a mannequin for them and ask them to draw it as it appears. Such practices make your kid a good artist.

How to draw a Person Wearing a Mask

  • First, draw a circle. To begin with draw a circle to come up with the head of your person.
  • Sketch a faint vertical line. The vertical line should cut the person’s head into two equal parts.
  • Draw a faint horizontal line. Draw a vertical line passing through the center of your person’s head.
  • Add the eyes. Just above the horizontal line, draw another line halfway. Sketch the eyes at the center of the line you drew on both sides.
  • Draw the mask. Make the horizontal line visible. Then draw a line on both ends of the horizontal line at a very slight angle. The lines should come out of the face downwards. Curve the two lines just at the bottom of the chin. Draw the lines towards the center of the vertical line. Sketch a curve below the chin.
  • Add in the mouth. Draw two folds going up slightly just below the horizontal line on both sides of your person’s face. At the edges of the sketched mask, do a lot of little dots to give a stitching effect on both sides.
  • Draw the ears. At the edges of the horizontal line draw loops on both sides going up. Then sketch the ears just beside the loops going up and wiggle in, down and around.
  • Draw the nose. Sketch the nose bridge from the center horizontal line moving up.
  • After that, add in the hair. Depending on the gender of your drawing, shade the head of your drawing to come up with the hair.
  • Erase the unnecessary parts of the drawing. Get a good eraser and do away with the faint vertical and horizontal line you drew at the beginning.
  • Then, draw the neck. Just below the chin, sketch a line on both sides. The lines should be halfway from the center of your person’s chin.
  • Color your drawing. To come up with an appealing drawing color your drawing. Color the mask and also the hair. It brings out a natural picture.