Drawing a shirt is very necessary for fashion designers. Since drawing exhibits the outline of your imagination, therefore drawing a shirt can bring out the thinking of an artist. All the modern designs of clothes went through the drawing phase for its origination at first and then to make.

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How to Draw a Shirt with Collar?

Before you design any shirt you need to draw it well as the first phase of designing. All the specifications should be mentioned over there and the designer needs to draw all the cuts and designs on it. So when you are going to draw a shirt, you need to have some of the equipment. A pencil, a sharpener, a piece of paper will be enough to draw a shirt.

  • First sketch an outline of the shirt. As you know that the upper body part of a human being is of a rectangular shape, so you should draw a rectangle with a bit rounded ends at the up and downside.
  • Now draw two smaller rectangles on the upper side of the shirt. You need to draw them a bit tilted towards each other and downwards.
  • Now make an outline of the sleeves. If you want a full sleeve shirt, then you can make it till the end of the shirt. Now draw the fly of the shirt and for that draw two parallel lines from the collar to the end of the shirt.
  • Now make the smaller rectangles connect with a bit rounded line and make the collar prominent. Draw two more rectangles at the end of the sleeves as they will be the cuffs of the shirt.
  • Now shade the shirt as per your wish and add some folds into it to make it look realistic.

How to Draw a Shirt on a Girl?

Fabrics hang on our body loosely. Since there are different body shapes in this world, the size and the design of the fabrics will be different. A fabric you put on a sphere will give a different look from a fabric you rest on a cube. It is not very easy to draw a figure of a girl as they carry a larger breast than men. A male body appears more straight and angular than a female body which is less sharp in nature. Cloths work differently on different girls. If a girl with a larger breast size wears a regular shirt, it is evident that the sleeves will seem short and the underarm will seem very tight. On the other hand, if a little girl will wear a regular shirt, the arms will come down from her shoulders. This is why you need to keep all these things in your mind before you draw a shirt on a girl.

How to Draw a Long Sleeve Shirt?

Drawing long sleeve shirts are easy and not that much hectic.

  • Draw two parallel lines from the side of the outline of the shirt and stretch them till the end of the shirt. Near the end of the chest, you need to give a bend to those lines and bring them towards the waist at the end.
  • Now draw two rectangles at the end of the sleeves as they will work as the cuffs of it. In the end, add folds and wrinkles on the drawn picture and your full sleeve shirt is ready.

How do You Make a Shirt Step by Step?

Firstly you need to draw the outline of the shirt on paper. Now take the measurements of neck, waist, wrist, chest, shoulders, and the height of the upper portion.

Now it turns to mark the fabric with chalk as per the measurements of the person. After you mark the measurements on the fabric, you should now cut it as per the markings. The next step is sewing the shirt by the lines and your shirt is ready.

How do You Draw a Shirt Collar Step by Step?

  • Draw two small rectangles on the upper side of the outline of the body. The rectangles should be diagonally tilted towards each other and downwards.
  • Now connect them with a bit rounded lines to look like a collar.


  • To draw a shirt, make the outline of the body first with a collar and sleeves.
  • The shape of a girl’s body is always different from a man so their clothes need some more fabrics and care while sewing.
  • Always mark the measurements before you cut the fabrics to sew a shirt.

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