By changing the direction, you can draw the same flower in lots of different ways, composition, and forms. Today, we are going to try some Hawaiian flowers, a couple of them, side by side. We are not stressing on coloring them, just drawing them. Follow the steps below to give it a try yourself.

  1. Get Your Supplies

So, the first thing is to get some materials if you do not have already.

  • Get a small pencil, a sharpener, and an eraser.
  • Get some rough paper, which has some white space to draw over. For example, the backside of calendars, old notebooks, and packaging paper.
  1. Draw Two Circles

These don’t have to be actual circles, but something similar, a little more than ovals if you can say.

  • Take your pencil and gently, slowly complete a circle.
  • Draw another circle, of the same size, as much as possible about 5 cm away from the first.
  • Keep them in the same row.
  • The circles themselves must be the size of a tennis ball, not too big, not too small either.
  1. Start with the First Petals

Now, we will draw the petals on the right flower. We will have five of them, nice and full and these will also be very much like circles or ovals as you may say. These must be around the previous circle as the center with the petals around them

  • Draw a petal as an oval around the circle to the right.
  • You can make a little dent in the petal at the center.
  • Draw another one, attached to it, following around the circle.
  • When you have done about five, the circle must be surrounded by them.
  1. Look for a Hibiscus

The petals we had drawn above should resemble a hibiscus flower.

  • Try to adjust the shape of the circles/ovals little like the petals of the Hibiscus as you see online.
  • From Google Images, you can look at the petal and see that they are not complete circles.
  • They have a little dent at the center that curves inwards.
  • You can then add some dimples to add a little detail to the petals.
  1. Draw the Stamen

Now, it’s time to add the other stuff to the flower on the right. We are still on the flower on the right side. Here we will add the parts of the flower that lives at the center with little seeds like on a long stalk

  • This long stalk is called the style with the filament with small anthers on top of it like seeds.
  • Draw two lines, a bit curve towards the end.
  • Draw small lines with little circles on top of them, at the top end of the stalk.
  • The base of the stalk should arise from the center of the petals.
  1. Go to the Left Flower

The left flower should be drawn as under the first on the right side. This means that we will be able to see only four or three of the five petals. The stamen part in Step 5 will remain as it is.

  • Draw a petal emerging from beneath the first flower on the right.
  • Continue with two more or three more petals around the circle on the left.
  • In the end, they should surround the circle starting from one end of the right flower to the other end.
  • Some petals will not be full, because they are hidden.
  1. Finishing Touches

Now, a lot of things have been drawn on the paper and it is time to clear and erase some of the redundant lines and strokes.

  • Keep the right flower on the top.
  • Any petals of the left flower that are overlapping with the right must be erase.


  • When you are starting, it is good to reuse paper and get going.
  • Later you can buy an actual sketchbook and stuff.

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