If you have attained legal drinking age, you must be wishing to join local hipster drinking scene have found sake bomb tempting. Sake is no less than an Americanized staple of various Japanese restaurants. But you can try them in the comfort of your home too.

Sake bombers fall in a price range of just $2 to $12.  So, here is a perfect way to drink sake in simple steps.

  1. Stuff Required

  • Glass

One-pint glass which can accommodate one shot, a shot glass.

  • Two Chopsticks

Get a pair of chopsticks that have a proper flat surface on both the sides.

  • A pint Bottle

We have taken Japanese pint, Sapporo.

Chilled or warm sake as per your preferences: For first-timers, we suggest chilled sake bomber as per our own personal preference. You can figure yours in due course of time. We are using snow beauty which cots $7 as per our taste. You can also go for Kerplunk on our recommendation. Towels are for cleaning (Optional). Make sure that the towels that you use for cleaning are not stained and are clean themselves.

  1. How to Prepare Drinking Sake

  • Pour pint into your glass up to a quantity of a shot.
  • Pour the chilled sake into the shot glass.
  • Place the chopsticks on the glass.
  • The chopsticks must be close enough to support the glass containing sake.
  • Then carefully put the shot glass over the chopsticks.

The basic idea is placing the shot glass in a way that it could conveniently fall into the glass. If there is not enough room for the shot glass to fall in easily, it would overflow and create a huge mess.

  1. How to Drinking Sake

Now that you have placed the glass in a position that it is likely to fall, get ready to have your drink. Now comes to the hilarious step.

  • Bang you’re both hands unto the sides, i.e., hands on both sides of the pint glass.
  • Keep pounding in repetition, till the glass is about to fall from its shaky position.
  • You can count in the Japanese language, ‘Itch, San, Ni, Sake bomb’… which would translate to one, two, three in English.  If you are not drinking alone, it would be more fun to coordinate timing if the bang with other drinkers.
  • It has fallen and fizz is created, gulp it down immediately. Once you are done drinking, don’t forget to clean up the mess you created on the table.

If you aren’t a fan of sake bomber, you can even create a skittle bomber or any other variant. Being a combination of red bull and Cointreau, skittle bomber tastes more or less like liquid candy. Instead of beer-sake combination, you could also go for an option of Corona and Blanco Tequila. If you opt for this, we can guarantee an amazing yet feisty taste for your buds.

Instead of pint, you can opt for Shochu (sweet potato vodka) or plum wine.

What is the best way to drink sake?

Try it Hot or Cold

Although sake is usually served warm, it’s also quite good either chilled, at room temperature, or hot. Cheaper sake is often warmed to disguise its low grade, and premium sake is served chilled. Again, this is something you’ll probably want to experiment with.

Do you sip or take shots of sake?

Regardless of temperature, don’t shoot your sake. Sake is a fermented rice drink. It’s not a pint, wine or liquor. Just sip it, kind of how you would enjoy wine or tea.

Can you get drunk on sake?

Sake is an alcoholic beverage and can make you drunk, just like every other alcoholic beverage out there. Sake, by itself, will not get you drunk.

Do you drink sake like wine?

Advertisement. That is just it – that sake is a “spirit.” It’s not distilled, it is brewed, similar to how pint is brewed. It’s alcohol strength is close to wine strength – 14 to 20% ABV. It should be consumed like a wine with food or alone.

Is sake the healthiest alcohol?

Though red wine is usually the alcohol lauded for its health benefits, fitness-minded imbibers should consider sake. It’s high in amino acids, naturally gluten-free, and consists of simple ingredients.

Why is sake so cheap?

The more rice grains are polished, the less quantity of sake can be made. So the production cost increases. The renowned brewery, Dassai is famous for producing Daingin-jo sake with rice polishing ratio of 23% (only 23% of the original sake rice grain remains).

What is the best sake for beginners?

Top 5 best sake for beginners
  1. Otokoyama “Tokubetsu Junmai” (Junmai) Enliven yourself and your New Year’s resolutions with this full-bodied, dry sake!
  2. Sakura Muromachi “Bizen Maboroshi” (Ginjo)
  3. Hakkaisan “Yukimuro” (Daiginjo)
  4. Dassai “23” (Daiginjo)
  5. Nanbu Bijin “Plum Sake” (Flavored)

Why are sake cups so small?

The smaller the cup, the more often you can pour for them, thereby showing honor and reverence each time they drain their glass. This is the main reason traditional sake cups are so small, to allow for this ritual to take place as much as possible when drinking with friends.

Does sake taste good?

Sake is a mildly sweet, clean tasting drink with a well-balanced combination of astringent and savory flavor. It has a nutty, fruity aroma which is less pronounced than that of wine.

How different brands differ in taste.

Type of sake Taste
Nigori Sweet, creamy taste.
11 juil. 2019

Why does sake turn yellow?

It is important to assess if the color of the Sake has been affected by deterioration. Aging can turn Sake to a brown or yellow color. Exposure to sun or high temperatures can cause Sake to turn yellow or brown. Sake which has been stored in wooden barrels will turn yellow or brown.

Is sake stronger than whiskey?

Sake typically has 15% of alcohol by volume, which is much lower than general spirits such as tequila, whiskey, and gin.

Is sake as strong as vodka?

Sake and vodka are both alcoholic beverages, although vodka is stronger than sake. However, the fermented Korean beverage has a sweet, fruity aroma, while vodka is strong alcohol. Sake isn’t a clear spirit like vodka, it is a fermented rice beverage. In most cases, they are only half as strong as whiskeys and vodkas.

Is Sake bad for your liver?

Although excess sake consumption may induce adverse effects on the liver, sake intake has the potential to promote anti-oxidative stress activities following radiation exposure.

Do you drink sake with food?

Sake is quite enjoyable with food. Some people think that it should not be served with sushi because of the presence of rice in both, food and drink. However, there are no rules to suggest that you cannot enjoy your brew as you relish your sushi. The drink goes down particularly well with spicy dishes.

Is sake easy to drink?

It is brewed using special yeast and fermentation techniques. The result is often a light, fruity, and complex flavor that is usually quite fragrant. It’s easy to drink and often (though certainly not as a rule) served chilled.

Can you mix sake with Sprite?

Add sake, cranberry juice and juice of 1 lime wedge. Shake-shake-shake the cocktail and strain into a Martini glass or some other attractive glass with a stem. If you want it sweet, top the glass off with Sprite (or 7up if you prefer) to give the drink a little sparkle. Garnish with other lime wedge.

How do you add flavor to sake?

In a 4- to 6-cup widemouthed jar, combine sake and pineapple or mango. Cover and chill until sake has a subtle fruit flavor, about 5 days. Lift out fruit with a slotted spoon and discard. Serve cold–the sooner, the better.