When you have decided to take divorce without taking the help of an attorney, you will have to collect all required documents on your own and will have to finish all paperwork yourself.  Here is a quick guide for how you can complete document work self.

  1. Discuss with Your Partner

Before proceeding for the self-divorce process, first, you have to ensure that you and your partner both are ready to follow this process. Discuss everything whether you have property to divide, an asset to disclose and many such things. Self-divorce is best when both of you do not share any joint liability and does not own any joint asset.

  1. Visit the Office of Court Clerk

The clerk’s office is a place where you will get all types of assistance with regards to fulfilling divorce related formality. Visit this office and discuss things in detail like what document you need for filing self-divorce. The clerk will help you in getting right forms and guide you how to fill forms, but he is not authorized to give any legal information. Neither, he can give you any guidance.

  1. Know about Forms

Different states have a different set of forms for divorce. At the clerk’s office you will get all the forms, but if you do not have time to visit the clerk’s office due to any reason, then you can download all forms from the court’s website. The set of form you would need are Petition for Divorce, this is the form  that requests court to grant you a divorce, summons, this is the form that directs police officer to contact your partner and let him or her know that you have filed divorce, financial affidavit , this is the form that asks both partners to disclose their respective current financial situations, notice of hearing,  this form is for court to set hearing date in court for you, settlement agreement, if both partners are agree on all conditions pertaining to divorce, then this form is filed in the court, divorce decree, this is the form signed by judge to grant you divorce finally.

  1. File Important Form at Clerk’s Office

Now, this is the final step for placing divorce form finally. Visit clerk’s office and know what all forms you need to fill. The clerk will tell you what number of forms you will have to submit along with the original document. Along with forms, you will also have to submit some personal documents, which you can check with the clerk.

  1. Pay the Court’s Fee

For filing divorce court charge a certain amount of fee. This fee varies from one state to another. In some states, you can request the court to waive off this nominal fee if you are unwilling to pay it. Thoroughly check if you have filled the form in the correct order and keep a copy of the entire file with you. Let it get cross-checked at the clerk’s file

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