Had you ever been in a situation that some bad experience of your relationship has hijacked your day?  If you are living a normal life, then certainly your answer would be yes. And believe it, this happens to everyone. We all spoil our whole day just thinking about some bad thing that at the start of the day.

  1. Change Your Routine

Our mind keeps pondering questions for us related to our past experience all the time. We keep thinking about things and questioning ourself when we are not doing anything and even when we are doing something that does not require much involvement. This does not let us move and stuck in the same situation and make us unhappy or in the bad mood. One of the ways to get from those unwanted silly questions tickling in mind, change your routine a bit, your mind will get something new to think about and you will get off from your bad mindset.

  • You can change your routine from the morning itself, by changing the hand you use to brush our teeth. As you will start brushing your teeth using a different hand which you do not use, you will start getting the attention of pre-frontal cortex.
  • From the time you will change your routine, your brain will start thinking what is going on here, it will leave your limbic system offline and Will get into a new emotional theory and some new questions will start coming in your mind like, oh this is a great idea, I should this, try that.
  • From the time our brain start thinking about this is something new, we start getting the attention of prefrontal cortex and then we start receiving the new messages from our brain.
  • When you are in bad mood, start saying some lines to yourself like I am beautiful, my love is coming, my partner loves me, I am the happiest person, I am fit and healthy, and you will automatically start feeling better and happy again.
  1. Change Your Work Schedule

If you are a working person, changing your work schedule will also bring a change in your routine and will get the attention of pre-frontal cortex. This will leave your current situation and will take you into a new mood. To change your work schedule what you can do is;

  • To change the schedule what you can do it take a new route to your office if you are working. If there is no different route present to commute to the office, you can change your transportation medium as if you were driving the car to your office, take local transport today for a change.
  • You can also try taking a walk in the supermarket near your house before getting into your car. This will change your schedule and will also refresh you from within.
  • Spend some time with your children or if you don’t have, then see children in the park, talk to them and play with them.
  1. Change Your Food

Food has an important role to play in setting our mood. If you are eating the same food over a long period of time we leave the limbic system of our body in the same pattern. Changing food on the plate, you give a new message to your brain and also the supply of vitamins and minerals. If you want to experience how your brain reacts when you change your food, just go out for a family dinner or dinner with your partner.

  • The moment you will see your new plate you will start smelling, feeling and imagining the food and will forget about all your thoughts and worries.
  • When you will taste that food, your brain will take you to the new world and you will have a new experience at that place.
  • You would have also experienced this; remember the last time you sit in a coffee shop to have some coffee brew all alone, how you felt. It was amazing isn’t it looks at people walking along the street.
  • This is the perfect way of changing your old thoughts and getting into something new and also a way of getting a new perspective on life.
  • The way we dress up is also a factor that sets our mood when you are in a bad mood wear some colorful clothes or the dress in which you look wonderful, when you will start getting compliments, your bad mood will turn into good.
  • Call your friends at home to watch a football match together or for a simple hangout, you will have a positive mindset after that.


If you are in a bad mood, visit a friend’s place and talk to him. You will better.