When you have lost your cat there are steps that you can take to speed up the search to find your pet.

  1. Look Around

It is best to run a preliminary search, especially in the evening, if your pet has been missing the entire day. Usually lost pets will not venture around on the streets when there are people and cars moving around; they will walk around more free during nighttime. Look under cars, nooks, and corners and bring along a flashlight. You could also bring along canned cat food or a pack of tuna since the smell of food could bring them out.

  1. Leave Food and Water Outside

In case your pet comes home when you are asleep or away, leave some food and water on your porch or any sheltered area near your home. This will provide them with shelter and food to survive until you find them and they find the door open to come in.

  1. Ask Around

This should be your first step. If you live in an apartment complex or in a home in a neighborhood, ask everyone around you whether they have seen your cat. Children, in general, are usually aware of animals they see around and hence, it would be helpful to ask children who are around your apartment or on your street. People who walk dogs, those who carry mails, guards or watchmen and business owners nearby would be best to start with. If you have a picture of your pet, show it to the people you ask for easier identification.

  1. Post Signs

Once you have asked around and not received any reply, you might want to wait for 24 hours to see if your furry friend makes his or her way home. In case that does not happen, make posters with a picture of your pet and description as well. It would be helpful to put up color copies of your cat’s description and in case you have a microchip on your pet, post the microchip identification number on the poster as well. Ensure that the posters are put up one or two blocks around your home.

  1. Offer Reward

This would help increase the incentive for strangers. Along with description and contact details where a person can call or bring your missing pet, you can offer a reward amount as well. It does not have to be much but lucrative enough for people to keep a lookout and find your pet for you. Common reward amounts are $100 or more, especially when your pet is precious to you and has been missing for long.

  1. Contact Nearby Animal Shelters and Hospitals

One could call at nearby veterinary hospitals or animal shelters to know whether a lost cat has been found or brought in. You could hand in a poster of your missing cat to such agencies or places. If possible, make a visit to these places and check on the animals that have been brought in without owners.