If you have your LinkedIn profile turned on to public mode, you will be able to share the URL to your LinkedIn profile on other platforms. This is a great way to get more exposure, or to send your LinkedIn URL to a potential employer along with your resume or portfolio. Follow these simple steps for finding your LinkedIn URL:

On the Web

  • Log into your LinkedIn profile and select the “Me” button from the top of the screen. It will appear as a little person with a circle around their shoulders.
  • From the “Me” dropdown menu, select “view profile”. This will bring you to your LinkedIn profile page.
  • Select “Edit Public Profile & URL” from your profile page. This will be located on the toolbar on the right side of your screen.
  • Click the “Edit URL” section on that toolbar, and the URL for your profile page will appear. It will be an address that looks like this : www.linkedin.com/in but will have your name or the name that you use on your profile attached to it.
  • You can then copy that URL and paste it anywhere to share with others. In the body of an email, on a digital resume or portfolio, or even on your other social media pages are all common places to share your LinkedIn URL.

On a Mobile Device

  • Use the web browser on your mobile device to find your LinkedIn URL. You cannot access it in the app version. Note: these instructions are the same whether you are using an Apple or Android device, as you will be going through the browser and not the app.
  • Log into your account and select the button that says “Profile”. The icon looks like a littler person with a circle around their shoulders.
  • Under the “Profile” tab, tap the button that reads “Contact”.
  • This will open the “Contact” section of your profile. Your URL will be under the “LinkedIn” tab in the “Contact” section. It will be an address that looks like this : www.linkedin.com/in but will have your name or the name that you use on your profile attached to it.

You can copy and paste your LinkedIn URL anywhere where you would like to share your LinkedIn profile such as on an online job application or on a digital resume or portfolio.

How do I know what my LinkedIn URL is?

Click “View Profile” to go to your profile page. 4. Once your profile loads, look at your URL bar. The URL there is your LinkedIn URL.

What does a LinkedIn address look like?

It’ll be an address that looks like www.linkedin.com/in/yourname.

How do I view my LinkedIn profile as others see it?

To view your LinkedIn profile as others see it:
  1. Login to LinkedIn.
  2. Navigate to the top right side and click “Me 🔻”
  3. In the dropdown click on “Settings & Privacy” (a new page will open)
  4. In the left sidebar click on the tab “Visibility”
  5. Now click on “Edit your public profile” link.

Should I put my LinkedIn on my resume?

Yes, it is good to put your LinkedIn profile URL on your resume, and it is best to use a custom URL. LinkedIn is a fundamental element of your overall professional presence, and the most relevant social media platform for one’s job search. It should enhance what they read in Chapter One — your resume.

Can employers see my resume on LinkedIn?

If you uploaded your resume while applying for a job on LinkedIn, it’ll be visible to that employer. If you uploaded your resume to your profile, it’ll be visible to viewers of your profile. Otherwise, your uploaded resume is private to you.

What is private mode on LinkedIn?

When a member browses LinkedIn in private mode, their name and other profile information isn’t shared with the owners of the profiles they view. If you have a Premium account, you can browse in private mode and still see the list of people who viewed your profile in the last 90 days.

What do recruiters look for on LinkedIn?

That recruiter is looking for details: She wants to know what you know how to do, where you’ve worked, and what people think of you, so don’t laze out and skip these steps. The good news? LinkedIn will actually measure the “completeness” of your profile as you work and offer suggestions on how to make it stronger.

Do recruiters look at LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn is where motivated professionals come together and recruiters know it. 87% of recruiters use the platform to find or vet job candidates, more than all other major social media networks combined.

How do you get a recruiter to notice you?

Here are five ways to get noticed by recruiters.
  1. Show no fear. “The best way to stand out to recruiters is to stand up to them” says Joseph Terach, CEO at career services firm Resume Deli.
  2. Communicate. Knowing what you want is a great way to stand out, Terach says.
  3. Be honest.
  4. Highlight your tenure.
  5. Let yourself shine.

How do I get noticed on LinkedIn 2020?

#1 Identify your most influential followers and engage with them [automated option]
  1. you select the most relevant followers with the biggest followers number (for example those who have more than 10k followers)
  2. you like and comment on their posts.
  3. you get noticed by these followers and their connections 🤘

Do recruiters look at indeed?

Recruiters will look at anything public that they can find, what will this tell them about you? Create a linkedin account, put your resume on indeed, search through indeed, and respect whatever method the recruiter wants to see your application through.

Do recruiters contact you on indeed?

Recruiters are people whose job it is to fill open positions for companies. Sometimes, recruiters will directly reach out to you through email or other professional social media. Recruiters can work with one company, or they can be part of an agency finding employees for multiple companies.

Why do jobs never call back?

– You’re Not Qualified

For whatever reason it might be (e.g., you don’t have the necessary skills, you’re missing a particular certification required for the job, your cover letter had grammatical errors, etc.), you may just not be the right person for the position.