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1. Find what Block Yourself

First of all, you should briefly ask yourself why you don’t have a girlfriend right now. Find out where you block yourself!

Finding the right woman is not rocket science, but often just a matter of the head. For many gentlemen in the world, the project already fails because they hardly leave their cozy cave.

2. Get Out of Your Snail Shell

To get a girlfriend, you must be comfortable with your own skin. Self-confidence is vital for you before seducing your future partner. Both confidence and being autonomous are desirable traits for a woman, and you should empower them. So, focus on meeting women before thinking about having a girlfriend.

If you widen your circle of female friendships, your chances of getting a girlfriend will be higher. This way, you will learn to know and relate better with them. Perhaps, one of them Will be your future partner. You just have to be patient.

3. Be a Helpful Gentlemen

Any environment is conducive to meeting girls and, perhaps, your future partner. Try to be predisposed to help anyone you come across. Being generous and kind can attract someone’s attention and demonstrate your charming personality.

However, you must be honest. Do not do kind things just because the person you are interested in is close. People might notice your falsehood, and it is not attractive at all.

Women are attracted to men who are sought after by many other women. A heavily courted man arouses the ambition among women to win this incredible guy for himself.

After all, she wants to be the chosen one who managed to get you around. The next time you’re out with a woman, just pay attention to the people around you. Especially how the other women look at you. And then maybe you won’t ask yourself anymore: How do I get a girlfriend?

4. Try to approach women constantly

If you see a woman you like, try to approach her and talk to her. Do not be afraid or embarrassed because if you do not try, you will not succeed. So, every time you go out and wherever you are, strike up a conversation with a woman that attracts you.

Somehow, you just have to start. There are many places full of possibilities for love: bars, shopping malls, cinemas, libraries. The fear of failure is just an excuse, and it is also totally irrational.

If you like a girl, do not hesitate, try to speak to her. You will see how you will ever meet someone who will surely give you foot.

5. Be Yourself

You must always be yourself. Naturalness and sincerity are what a woman wants. Do not pretend to attract a woman, you will be starting something with lies, and it is not the best way to meet and get a girlfriend.

It is recommended that you go out and enjoy your favorite hobbies. At that time, you may meet new people, and you could even experiment to discover new interests together.

6. Sense of Humor

A sense of humor is essential for a woman to like you. You should not laugh at everything because you would seem immature and childish, nor laugh or criticize people. Your humor must be intelligent and without malice.

7. Take Control of the Situation

If you have managed to establish contact with a girl you like, it is time to make an encounter. We recommend that you be the one to take control. Don’t let it be awkward silences and end the talk with a good-bye with a set time.

8. Find the Right Moment to a Date

When preparing an appointment, think about a simple first meeting and be a gentleman. You can go pick it up and go for a drink or a coffee. The meeting should make the chat possible so that you get to know each other better.

Keep eye contact and listen carefully to this girl so that she feels delighted to be by your side. After that first date, do not overwhelm that girl with multiple messages. Wait for her to tell you something or at least wait a maximum of a couple of days to give signals.

9. Develop yourself further and become irresistible for women

Work on your lifestyle, your body, and above all, learn to flirt a girl. Also, you should consider what your mission in life is.

Do you want to be the first person on Mars, give street dogs a new home, or start your own successful company? Women love men who have goals that they consistently pursue and continuously develop.

Whether you try a new sport or go to Australia for a year, active men who can get their butts off the sofa are extremely attractive to women. So, be an artist of your own life and kidnap the woman into your exciting new world you are in.

You will hardly believe it, but women are bored very often. They are waiting for an adventurer to take them on an emotional journey. Be this guy, and take them with you!


To have a girlfriend, you have to be active and go among people. If you’ve locked yourself at home, there are activities you can try. This can be sports clubs, parties in the club or simply shopping in the shopping center. Do whatever you like, but go out!

But there can also be other reasons why you are single, and your last relationship was long ago. Maybe you are afraid to speak to women, or your platonic girlfriends only ever see you as a nice guy.

The famous sentence on the date spoken by girls is, “I just want friendship.” For men, it is a violent slap in the face. It makes them even more insecure and makes them more and more doubtful of themselves.

So, be aware of your weaknesses and work on them. It would be a shame if women missed such a great guy as you.

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