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Falling in love means loving each other’s company, staying together, and helping each other in difficult times. True love is all about keen dedication and commitment – and it is all about establishing a meaningful and friendly relationship underneath the romantic elements.

Anyway, you should learn how to get a guy to like you. Many girls ask this question – and this is why we will answer this question and give you the most realistic tips that would help you get a guy to like you. Read on!

Keep a smiley face

Keeping a smile on your face is the first step to get a guy like you. It shows how positive you are and that you love your life. When you give a friendly smile to a guy, research shows that the guy you like will approach you and start a conversation with you. It is the best way to attract a guy’s heart.

A big smile is a sign of femininity. Your happiness hormones – such as dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins make you feel happy and cause you to have a big smile on your smile, which appears more feminine. Men get attracted to women with a smiley face because it seems receptive and submissive.

Talk Friendly

If you are a shy person, chances are that you won’t get a guy to like you. This is why girls who are talkative and friendlier are more attractive to guys.

So, you must overcome your shyness and be confident enough to approach a guy and start talking to him in a friendly manner. The art of asking the right questions at the right time will make the guy think about you for days.

When you talk in a friendly manner, it is your getaway to overcome shyness and get into the guy’s mind. Keep in mind that being talkative does mean not just saying anything. After you have approached the guy, start by saying “Hi, how are you?” Remember, speak only when he answers you – for example, “I am good, how about you?”

Learn how to carry a healthy and friendlier conversation. You like the guy – no doubt, but you want him to like you in return – so, always be confident and don’t be too submissive. Respect the guy but in return make him respect you too.

1. Get a guy to like you over text

When you have a few great conversations with a man and you feel that he is interested in you, wait for some time – chances are that he will ask for your phone number. If he asks for it, don’t give it to him right away.

Talk to him further for some time and when you are about to finish the conversation, tell him “why not you send me a text tonight?” Believe us, he won’t refuse to take the number because he asked for it in the first place.

So, how can you get him like you over text? The objective is to make him fall in love with you, right? There is no better way than keeping yourself engaged with him over texting. Continue reading!

Poke some fun

Girls who have successful relationships know how to smile their guys. When you start texting with the guy, first, you need to be a little decent and then slowly cross the line to become funny. Your about-to-be boyfriend won’t realize this transformation. Make fun of yourself, tell him jokes, and funnily compliment him. This will put a smile on his face.

Also, when you try to be friendly and informal with the man you are texting, he will be more comfortable with you and this, in turn, will make them more attracted to you. For example, “I look like a parrot when I smile,” “What do you like to eat in dinner?” and then answer your own question “I like ice cream.” Wait, what? This will surely make him smile.

Wait for his reply

Suppose the guy texts you 3 times in 20 minutes and you send him over 30 messages, this will make him think that you are interested in him. For instance, if the guy sent you a simple text saying “Hi,” you should not answer him immediately. Take your time and answer him in 3-5 minutes. Just say “Hey, How are you?” that’s it.

Now, wait for his reply. If he replies to you within a minute or two, you should do the same. Don’t text him too much often. This might create a sense of superiority in his mind, which can harmful for you and your new relationship will be ended even before you start it properly.

Therefore, keep in mind to leave room for possibilities. Be decent, friendly, and respectful. Don’t try to be romantic right away. Make him respect you through your words and wisdom. Don’t try to be a scientist or philosophy professor – just act normal and keep the conversation going steadily.

Guess his answers

You can have fun and get to know the guy by guessing his answers, which is a good way to add some charm to your texts – separating yourself from other people and eventually get him interested in you. For instance, you can send him a text “Are you free tonight?”

A good man comes from no ideal standards of looks or talks. For many women, a perfect man is someone who makes them laugh and takes care of them. So, if you guess something that makes you over the moon, you are going in the wrong direction.

You should positively guess his answers but a few friendly words do not mean the guy is in love with you. Therefore, try to anticipate his texts carefully and with full attention.

2. Get a guy to like you online

If you meet a guy online through social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, the first thing you should do is to be curious about him. What we mean to say is that you have to show that you are interested in him.

  • Guys like it when a girl tries to know his interests. You need to do some stalking through his Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. After getting some information, you can use it as a topic to start a good conversation.
  • For instance, if he is interested in video games or nature photography, you can do some online research about video games and find some facts.
  • Next, send him a short message and ask something like “Do you play first-person shooter games?” or “Can you recommend what strategy-based video game I should play?” Guys like it when they feel important and needed by girls. So, this way, you can know him better.

Be Active and Good Listener

Make sure the guy you are talking to over social media or online does not feel insecure. Otherwise, he won’t share with you anything. When he sends you a text or voice message, listen or read it attentively.

For instance, if he says “I had a bad day at the office” or “I am feeling upset,” just tell him that he is a good guy and you are always there for him. You will be with him even in desperate times. Just tell him that he can overcome his frustration and desperation. Don’t be his teacher or guardian angel. Be realistic but supportive.

If you are much of a chatting fond and letting him control the conversation most of the time, you will make him get bored. You must respond to his message adequately. For instance, if he says “hi, how are you?” just don’t say “good,” instead, you should say “I am fine, how are you? How was your day?”

Even if you make disagreements with him on some point, do it politely. Speak gently and you will get the guy to like you in no time. Good Luck!

How do you get a guy to like you without flirting?

20 Subtle Ways To Show A Guy You Like Him Without Being Obvious
  1. Flirt to let the guy know you like him.
  2. Use eye contact to let the guy know you like him.
  3. Touch the guy lightly to let him know you like him.
  4. Flaunt your assets to the guy you like.
  5. Laugh when he make jokes.
  6. Send friends to let him know that you like him.
  7. Text the guy to let him know you like him.
  8. Show interest in him.

How do you get a boy to like you without talking to him?

It’s possible to impress a boy without even talking to him! Start by appearing confident to make you seem like an attractive, impressive person. Additionally, have a great attitude by staying positive, laughing at yourself, and being nice to others. Finally, catch his eye with a hair flip and open body language.

How do u know if ur crush likes u?

A good way to figure out whether or not someone is into you is to pay attention to whether or not they find ways to touch you. Touching you on the shoulder or back, grabbing your forearm when excited, or especially brushing a hand against your leg or knee are good signs that your crush likes you back.

Does he have a crush on you?

If a boy really has a crush on you, then he‘ll be likely to give you all of his attention. He‘ll turn his body toward you, make eye contact, and won’t look around for his other friends or text them during your conversation (unless he uses his phone as a crutch because he’s nervous).

How do u call ur crush?

Examples of Cute Nicknames For Boyfriend
  1. Sweetie – The perfect pet name for a sweet boyfriend.
  2. Honeybun – A cute name to call your adorable boyfriend.
  3. Sweetie Pie – A romantic nickname for your male lover.
  4. Baboo – a funny nickname for a cute and adorable boy.
  5. Cuddle Bunny – A sweet pet name for your cuddle partner.

How do you say hello to your crush?

Smile as you say hello and try to make eye contact, showing that you’re friendly and would like to talk some other time. For example, if you see your crush as you’re walking to your seat, say, “Hey, Adam!” with a smile and keep walking. Speak loudly and clear enough so that your crush hears you.