Amazon is a diverse company with focus into many departments around the world.

To apply and get a job, you can do a few things listed here.

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Get a Job at Amazon AWS

AWS is the biggest contributor to its profit since its inception. It stands for ‘Amazon Web Server’ and has ties with its ‘Amazon Cloud’ and all things on the cloud. It is taking up ‘Blockchain’ in the latest string of diversification.

  • The first thing you should do is take a look at ‘Amazon Careers’ ( to learn more about what the job requirements are.
  • Then, you have to decide if you want to start as a ‘Fresher’ or are changing from one career to another, with stress on AWS.
  • Then, there is a list of AWS jobs, such as, ‘Cloud Developer’, ‘SysOps’, ‘AWS Networking Specialist’, and ‘More’, from which you have to choose specialization.
  • Finally, look at one of 11 AWS certifications from Amazon and decide your career path.

Get a Job at Amazon Software Engineer

The role of a software engineer at Amazon is not restricted to any specific role. It could lead to working as a cloud engineer, a networking engineer and so forth. To work as software developer can be a little upsetting if you are not specialized in something and starting as a fresher.

  • Try to find out the pros and cons of these job positions in your region. For example, try to find the salary of a software developer at Amazon – in the US. You have local sites that list them for reviews.
  • Second, you need to prepare for coding interviews and join a camp as soon as possible. There are lots of online software engineer training camps organized all the time.
  • Again, check with ‘Amazon Jobs’ to find out what kind of roles do ‘Software Developers’ cover and, work upon them to include in your expertise.

Get a Job at Amazon from Home

Is it possible to work from home for Amazon? As of today, Amazon is a good and reputable source for jobs both onsite as well as work-from-home jobs. The online retailer is hiring mothers who can work from home, for example.

  • The role of a ‘Customer Service Representative’ is the first choice for those working from home.
  • Check out ‘Work at Home Customer Service Representative’ salaries to check how it measures in your region and if you can earn a decent living with it.
  • When looking for jobs on ‘Amazon Jobs’ you can filter jobs using ‘Virtual Location’ to find out any remote jobs that you can do from home.
  • Then, you can work for it, and complete the requirements and start applying for the same.


Working for Amazon is a dream come true for many when you get to do the job you like and it pays well.

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