The truth is that you can get a divorce without ever having to spend a single penny on a lawyer.

While this will mean making more work for yourself, you will save a lot of moneyIf your spouse agrees to the divorce, it is definitely not necessary to seek out legal counselIn this article you’ll learn how to get a divorce without a lawyer.

  1. Speak with your Partner

You should first make a point of speaking with your spouse to find out if they are planning to contest the divorce. If they are not, you won’t have to worry about hiring a lawyer. It is, however, important that you decide who is going to stay in the house and sort out other things.

  1. Determine if you can get by without a Lawyer

There are certain people who really don’t need to hire a lawyer when getting a divorce. There are some situations in which assistance from an attorney is just not needed.

You can probably represent yourself in a divorce if:

  • Your ex-partner is not hiring a lawyer.
  • Alimony is not a factor at all.
  • There are no issues with domestic abuse or adultery.
  • You and your ex-partner have agreed on all of the terms of the divorce.
  • You don’t have children or custody has already been decided between the two of you.
  1. Talk about Asset Distribution with your Ex

One important part of a divorce is deciding how everything is going to be divided between you and your ex-partner. You will need to talk it over and figure out who is going to get any assets or property that you both currently share. It is crucial that you take some time to look up the laws in your state regarding this before going forward.

  1. Sort Out Alimony

If your spouse has agreed to the divorce and is working with you, it will be necessary to sit down with them and discuss alimony. If you or your partner wants alimony, you must decide on a certain amount. So, if your ex-partner is contesting the divorce, this is something that will be decided on by the court.

  1. Obtain a Petition for Divorce

Next you will have to get a petition for divorce. This is the paperwork that you must fill out and turn it to officially get the process started. You can either get it from your local courthouse or find it online and print it up at home. Take all the time necessary to go through this paperwork to ensure that everything gets filled out properly.

  1. File the Paperwork

You will have to file the petition for divorce at the courthouse. Make certain that you turn it into the courthouse in the county you reside. Some states will allow you to file the paperwork in the county your spouse lives in, if they live somewhere else. You must pay a filing fee when you turn in the paperwork, and it varies from state to state.

  1. Serve your Spouse with the Paperwork

You must have your spouse served with the paperwork, either by law enforcement or a professional “server”. It might be a good idea to hire someone who specializes in doing this if your spouse is going to contest the divorce.

  1. Wait for your Spouse’s Response

Once your spouse has received the petition for divorce, they will only have a certain amount of time to respond. The laws regarding this time limit will depend on where you live, so it might be something you’ll want to look into.

  1. Go to Court

The last step in getting a divorce without a lawyer is to go to your scheduled court hearing. If your spouse is not contesting the divorce, it will be granted on the spot by the judge. You will receive an official decree that says you are legally no longer together. If your spouse does contest the divorce, you will both be able to make your own arguments and give evidence to support your arguments. You should try to reach an agreement before going to court to make things as easy as possible.

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