TikTok gives you access to a platform with millions of people.

When you know how to find followers and get likes, then you can have a successful experience with your video uploads.

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Knowing how to get followers on TikTok doesn’t mean you need to pay someone to inflate your account stats artificially. Following these steps won’t cost you anything, and it will help you to get the attention you deserve.

Best Free Ways to Get Followers on TikTok

Creating fun videos is your first step toward getting more followers. If you don’t have any content to enjoy, then no one will want to follow you.

Once you have a handful of videos uploaded and ready to view, then these steps will help you to get followers for free.

  1. Upload videos from viral challenges

Social media trends will help you to increase your follower account quickly when your videos show you joining in on the fun. Viral challenges use trending hashtags that can help you to get noticed.

Perform the challenge in your video. Then add the necessary hashtags so that people searching for this content can find you.

  1. Post your videos to other social platforms

Getting followers on TikTok might involve having your videos seen on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook. If you put your content on each profile, then it has a greater chance of being seen. You will want to make sure that your names are consistent online so that someone can easily find you.

  1. Collaborate with other videographers

It can be lots of fun to produce new videos by yourself. If you’re just beginning your TikTok journey, then it might be helpful to work with someone else. Recording duets or trios can help all of you make that important positive first impression. If you can work with someone who already has a lot of followers, then the attention you get from that other person will converge on your account.

  1. Make your videos unique and innovative

People follow TikTok profiles that create unique content. That means your uploads must stand out against the rest of the competition. Although you don’t need a professional video editor to achieve positive results, several third-party apps are available to help you add effects, filters, and edits. Adding a little intrigue to your content will work to capture attention over time.

  1. Shorter is usually better on TikTok

You can upload videos of any length from your mobile device into TikTok, but the app allows you to record 60 seconds at most. If you want to gain more free followers on this platform, then shorter tends to be better. You might consider taking advantage of the 15-second option to give quick bursts of content.

Short videos can show off your talent and versatility while keeping a viewer’s attention. Videos over two minutes in length from a direct upload could turn people away instead of bringing them to your profile.

  1. Follow and unfollow popular accounts

If you follow someone, then unfollow them, and then repeat that process, it will generate some attention. People will follow you back if they like what they see on your profile. Try to pick a catchy username that stands out, then use a bio that lets people know what to expect from your account.

  1. Understand the magic hours of TikTok

The best practice for getting followers on TikTok is to upload something new at least twice per day. Two times stand out above all of the rest: 11 am and 5 pm. That’s when most people are likely to be using the app.

If you want to know how to get followers on TikTok, then the best method is to be unique. Provide a high-quality, entertaining video for people to enjoy. With the editing options that are available through this app, you have the power to express your creativity every day.

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