Having a smelly discharge from the vagina is a very common problem among females all over the world. Though this issue is a common one, it should not be ignored. Bad smell from the vagina could not only disturb your self-esteem but can also lead to a bad sex life. Here are some methods to keep the vagina clean and smell wonderful.

Maintain Proper Hygiene of the Part

  1. The discharge from the vagina is differentiated based on its color. Yes, the vaginal discharge also has color and odor. The color and order of discharge tell what could be the reason of discharge and how it should be treated. The white transparent discharge with no smell is common and usually, it gets fine after some time on its own. This happens during the extreme weather conditions or when you have some heavy workout. The other types of vaginal discharge with smell are caused because of some bacterial infection at the place. The first method to get rid of smelly discharge from the vagina is maintaining a high level of body hygiene. This can be ensured by taking bath daily and cleaning the vagina with unscented products and soap. Changing underwear daily or whenever it gets wet, keeping the area dry by wiping sweat or any type of moisture, using toilet paper after using washroom to wipe the moisture and also to remove any infection, not using any chemical based product in the area to create an artificial smell. Nevertheless, if the problem still persists, take consultation from a doctor.

Use Good Quality Menstrual Products

  1. Some menstrual products trap smell inside and this is the reason why women using the reusable menstruation product often complaint of bad smell. There are many good quality menstruation products are available in the market, which is safe to use during those days. It also keeps this body part clean and hygienic during those days. The pH of the vagina also contributes to developing a foul smell. With the use of good wash products, the pH of the vagina could be maintained at the right level.
  1. Additionally, many women do not change the mensuration products at the right interval of time. They sit on the wet pads for a long period, which causes itching and discomfort. Later on, this also leads to bacterial vaginal infection, which causes smell and discharge. Therefore, it is recommended to change the product as you start feeling uncomfortable.

Sex Affects Vaginal Odor

  1. Many women after having intercourse notice a strong smell from the vagina, which later turns into itching, burning sensation, and discharge. This should not be avoided, if you take the precaution at the very first instance, things will not reach to this level. This is not an unusual issue; many women face this issue when there are interactions of semen and vaginal fluids. The reason for the same is, many times body internal lubricant changes the vaginal pH as well as the odor that comes with it. This could be avoided by taking certain measures such as making use of a condom. This will prevent the interaction of semen with vaginal fluids. You know these days end numbers of condoms are available in the market, compare all of them and use the one that suits you the best. The other precautions are after intercourse rinse the vulva and vagina with plain but do not douche, it is not that effective. Do not use any flavored or scented lubricants for creating an artificial smell. It is also good to consult the doctor if the problem prevails even after taking all the precautions.