In today’s busy, fast paced world, it can feel like there is no time to stop and get to know people, making it difficult to strike up a relationship. That is why online dating sites and apps like Tinder have become so popular. But what do you do when you don’t get the number of matches that you’d like? Following these tips could help you find more Tinder users that you are a match with.

Use eye catching photos for your profile

  • Select photos in which you are wearing bright colors or are in a bright and colorful space.
  • Use photos that show your whole face, and look at the camera. Trying to be sultry and alluring doesn’t always work. Your potential matches want to see your face unobscured.
  • Smile in your photos! Show that you know how to have a good time and that you are a fun loving person.

Don’t only use selfies

  • Potential matches want to learn as much as they can about you before swiping right.
  • Use photos of yourself engaging in your favorite activity or on a recent trip or outing so that your potential matches can get an idea of what you like to do for fun.
  • Using a full body shot is also recommended. You are more than just your head and shoulders, and your matches want to see that.

Keep your Bio casual

  • Describe yourself and your likes and interests briefly.
  • Don’t include information that might not work in your favor, such as height or what you do for a living. You don’t want someone to swipe left based on these things before they even get to know you.
  • You can disclose more personal information once you are already talking with someone. Be as casual and brief in your initial bio information.

Show your sense of humor

  • People love to laugh. Show off your funny side with a joke or pun.
  • The ability to make someone laugh is a surefire way to get their attention.

Don’t use photos that are photoshopped or heavily filtered

  • Just as you want to show off your whole face instead of trying to look sultry by hiding behind a fan or other prop, using too many filters changes what you look like completely.
  • Remember that your best chance is to be as true to yourself as possible. The goal with using an app like Tinder is to eventually meet up with your matches. You don’t want to “lie” to them by using a filter with freckles if you don’t have freckles, or by using a filter that contours your face.
  • Be yourself.

Upgrade to Tinder Gold

  • If you are serious about wanting more matches on Tinder, try upgrading the app to unlock more features that could help you accomplish that goal.
  • Features include lists and grids of Tinder users who have swiped right on you, profile boosts to help your profile get more views, and options to hide personal information like your location and age.
  • You will have to pay per month for this upgrade, however it could very much be worth it for you.

Why dont I get matches on tinder?

Conclusion. Not getting any matches at all usually means Tinder has punished you for something. Attractiveness in and of itself should only influence what kind of profiles you see and get shown to, and never just render you invisible.

Can you get matches on tinder without paying?

Yes you can get a match without paying. But it also depends on which location you are using tinder from. If you have a decent profile and there are enough men/women in your area, you will definitely have a match.

What is the cost of tinder?

Tinder Membership Pricing (If You’re Over 30 Years Old)
Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Tinder Gold 1-month $29.99 $29.99
Tinder Gold 6-months $18.83 $112.99
Tinder Gold 12-months $12.50 $149.99
Tinder Plus 1-month $19.99 $19.99

Are Tinder likes fake?

Do I really have 99+ likes on tinder?

From what I understand about Tinder, they use the ‘you have new likes‘ marketing lead to get you to go to the site or app. It isn’t a false lead but someone has probably swiped right on your profile but you won’t actually show a match unless you swipe right on them when their profile is displayed.

Does everyone get 99+ likes on tinder?

When a Tinder user has 99+ likes on Tinder, it means that 99 or more people have liked their profile. If you’re an attractive person or live in a crowded city, it’s not uncommon to have over 99 likes consistently.

Does tinder give you fake matches?

Well, the 99+ likes badge means you have ninety-nine or more likes. Of course, no matter how many likes you get the profiles of those likes are blurred as long as you’re a free Tinder user. And even at the lower level of premium, Tinder Plus, you won’t be able to see who has liked you.

How many matches does the average girl get on tinder?

One of the most obvious signs that a certain profile is Tinder’s own fake is their different behavior pattern – or rather a lack of one. Apart from this, there are a few other common characteristics shared by the alleged fake accounts created by Tinder. They do not match.

What do fake tinder Profiles want?

Men usually have a 1.5% to a 2% match rate, but how about average Tinder matches for a girl? Women commonly have an average matching rate of around 60-70%. An hour of non-selective right-swiping will on average result in about 200 matches.

What percentage of tinder profiles are fake?

How can you tell a tinder scammer?

More than 75% of the profiles are fake people using other people’s pictures and videos downloaded from other social media apps. Disappointedly it’s becoming too much of a hassle to meet actual real people on Tinder now a days.

Why do guys on tinder ask for Snapchat?

“Despite being one of the smoothest and easiest-to-use dating apps, Tinder is full of fake accounts and bots that can ruin the whole user experience,” warns Gonzalez. Dating-app bots can not just fool people into opening their hearts, some can fool people into opening their wallets.

How can you tell if someone is a bot on tinder?

Why do guys ask for Snapchat on Tinder after one mediocre conversation? – Quora. Because then they ask you to send intimate pics – basically they’re looking for a cheap thrill and quick no strings relationship. I had creeps wanting to whatsapp me as soon as we’d said our first ‘hello’ on a dating app.

How do I stop being boring on tinder?

If you notice that all the images and interests are too common and the profile lacks a personal touch, it might not be authentic; The bio looks fishy. If the bio includes lots of grammar mistakes, invitations to suspicious links, or personals details that do not make sense, you might have encountered a bot.