The journey to getting a Twitch affiliate is marred with lots of ups and downs.

Remember you’ve just hit a “New Game” and you want to start your life by earning great on TwitchAs the “knowledge is power,” you need to get equipped with the best tips to start you offIn this article, you’ll learn how to get Twitch affiliate with no hassle.

How to become Twitch affiliate

While the twitch program offers you an opportunity to earn unlimited chunks of money right from home by live-streaming your favorite game, there are a few things to master. For you to start earning from your live gaming experience, you have to hit the following thresholds.

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  • You must meet a minimum of 500 minutes of broadcast within the last 30 days.
  • You must have at least seven days of exceptional broadcast days in the last 30 days of game-streaming.
  • You must have a minimum of  3 concurrent viewers over the past 30 days
  • You must have a minimum of 50 followers

To get an invite to join Twitch affiliate, you must consistently meet the parameters specified above in your last 30 days. Are you wondering how to meet the parameters? No! You shouldn’t. Let me explain why. Even though the conditions of getting a Twitch affiliate invite may seem tricky, they are practically achievable for a willing heart. The process is incredibly simple and pretty easy to follow. Below is a summary of how to go about it.

  • Sign up to Twitch as a streamer to begin your journey
  • Buy enough credits for your new Twitch channel. It is important to note that the Twitch platform allows the gaming pros to purchase viewers legally for their Twitch channel on
  • Give awards to your followers and viewers in the form of credits and sponsorships.
  • Keep track and watch your channel spontaneously grow.

Ready to get started? Let me break it down to make it much easier to understand in the following subheadings:

How to stream at least 500 minutes and 7 unique streams in 30 days

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To achieve a better result, stream consistently by following a regular schedule. Also, you should let your community know the exact time that you stream to for them to stay put. To implement that, you should ensure you stream for at least 2 hours for each time and set a schedule below each stream. If you can manage seven unique stream streams for at least 2 hours, then you can easily have 800 minutes per 30 days. More interestingly, you will receive the stream reports through your email after every stream.

How to get at least 50 followers on Twitch

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The first significant step in streaming is how to get followers in Twitch channel lies in choosing to play the game that you cherish the most. The second target remains on conducting a raid for followers who are like-minded and belong to the same community. On the third step, you have to publicize your brand across all the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other sites. With such efforts, you’ll have people flooding your channel by pressing the following channel. More importantly, you should use loyalty systems such as Stream Elements Loyalty system to boost engagement and loyalty.

How to get three concurrent viewership

When it comes to arresting and maintaining your viewers, interaction is the key. Ask them how they are getting on and their views about your content quality. Besides, you should also reach out to your family members and invite them to watch on your channel. As such, getting three concurrent viewers becomes easier than ever before.

What’s more?

To accelerate your success, use the following tricks in addition to the tips mentioned above:

  • Stream your best game
  • Get access to the extra bots in channel, extensions, and overlay
  • Get at least three friends, family members, and followers to be watching three times of streaming.  The reliable viewers can also help you to improve on the quality of your stream.
  • Get a good microphone and a powerful webcam
  • Tell everyone that you’re streaming on Twitch and share the link.
  • Live-stream the same thing to other social platforms, either concurrently or separately and invite people.
  • Maintain at least 2 hours of live-streaming each day at the same time for easy follow-up by your viewers.
  • Request your viewers in other social media platform to follow for more on Twitch
  • Respond positively to every comment in the chatbox
  • Lastly but not least, support other streamers to grow together.

Twitch Affiliated Program

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In addition to the tips mention earlier, you should purchase Twitch affiliate package from to unlock more useful and exciting services to help you grow your channel faster. With the package, you’ll be able to get access to amazingly more services and platforms to market your channel and grow. If you’re not ready to buy that, you can upgrade cheaply.

Most importantly, the platform will guarantee you Twitch affiliate within 90 days. Sounds great? It’s now time to take action and start earning from your favorite game.

Bottom Line

As much as earning from video-streaming on Twitch may be somewhat straight forward, it takes a great passion, effort, and your patience to gradually grow up your channel by gaining tons of followers and viewers of your content simultaneously.

Furthermore, it is feasible for anyone willing to sacrifice the time, form a consistent product brand, create quality content, be consistent in the streaming time, the type of games you play, and how you play.

Moreover, succeeding in building up your affiliate viewers and subscribers allows you to become a potential desirable Twitch Partner. That’s it.

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