Going incognito on Safari is a simple process.

It is essential to know that there are some things that it still cannot do when you are in this mode.

Websites will still have the ability to track you to know that you are present. The government can continue tracking people while in incognito mode, and it won’t remove your IP address, location, or certain metadata items.

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Incognito mode does stop your computer from recording your browsing history through Safari. It will not let anyone else who shares your iMac, iPhone, or iPad (or any synced devices) to show the sites you visited.

5 Steps to Follow When Going Incognito on Safari

  • Connect your device or computer to the Internet or a cellular data plan.
  • Go to the top menu. You will want to choose the “File” dropdown menu that is just to the left of the Safari option. Click on it if you are on an iMac of a MacBook.
  • Now choose the second option, which says, “New Private Window.”
  • You should now see a blank Safari window open on your device. It looks the same as the regular browser with one exception: the address bar is slightly darker. You should also see some text at the upper left that says, “Private Browsing Enabled.”
  • Now you can visit whatever websites you prefer because you have gone incognito.

How to Go Incognito on Safari with iPhone or iPad

If you are using an iPhone or an iPad, the steps are even easier. Once you open the Safari browser, you will want to tap on the double box icon at the bottom right of the screen. You will then have access to all of your open browser windows.

On the bottom left of the screen, there is a “Private” option to tap. Once you select it, the current windows will disappear. Your device will tell you that you are in a private browsing mode.

When you are ready to return to the standard browser, just tape the double box on the right once again. Then tap the Private option to turn it off.

This process will ensure that Safari doesn’t save your AutoFill information when going incognito. It also gives you an extra measure of privacy on a shared device.

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