What! You don’t have space in your garage to keep your new bike? Well, and then hang it on the ceiling! Don’t be surprised, it is not a miracle. It is literally possible to hang bikes on the ceiling and that too without putting much cost. All that you need to do this is get some tools and put some efforts. Here is the step by step guide.

  1. Collect Material Required for Building Hook System

The material required to create the system are many but are easily available. Here is the list of material long size screws, sheet rocks anchors, hooks (Heavy duty bike, 2 for each bike), a plywood piece, screwdriver, stud finder, drill, and a tape measure. Once you have gathered all material, start searching for studs in the wall ceiling. If you are living in a rented house, take permission from your landlord before you begin to drill the ceiling.

Now, that you have got studs to look at the direction. You will be able to hang your bikes in the direction of studs running into walls.

  1. Take Measurements

Now when you have successfully located the stud direction in the ceiling, it is the time to mount hooks on the wall. It is important that you place the hook within studs because it will give it the strength to hold bikes of many pounds. Firmly place the first hooks at its position using the drill machine and nail. To mount a second hook, you have to take the measurement of your bike. Take the measurement between both tires of the bike. The trick to having a correct measurement is to take the measurement of the first tier where it touches the ground. Do the same with the second tier as well. Maintain the same gap between two hooks you are mounting on the ceiling.

  1. Start Mounting Hooks

Pre-drill the plywood plank you are using and insert one end of the hook inside plank, then taking help of drill and nut mounted the plank with a hook on the ceiling. If you are able to locate the stud then you can directly mount the hook in stud. The plywood would give extra meat to hold to hook. Pre-drilling of plywood would ascertain that it won’t get broken during the process. While placing the hook on the ceiling, make sure that it has been placed firmly.

  1. Hang Your Bike

Stand on the stair, hold your bike firmly and place the tires in the home. Check if hooks are able to hold your bike’s weight. If you want to hang more than one bike on the ceiling, follow the same method to place hooks on the ceiling. However, while mounting hooks into the ceiling it is important that you check how much distance you have to maintain between two bikes. In the whole process, it is important that you take the correct measurement. The wrong measurement would put all your efforts in vain. To check if you are taking correct measurements, you can first perform the whole task on the ground. After you gain the confidence, use the same measurement to mount hooks into the ceiling.