If you want to really get in the holiday spirit, there are tons of different indoor Christmas light ideas that you should be aware of. There are multiple types of lights and various ways to hang them in your home.

These ideas will help you make your home beautiful for the holidays.

  1. Icicle Lights

  • One of the best indoor Christmas light ideas involves hanging blue strings of icicle lights from your ceiling.
  • This works best for those who have very high ceilings.
  • Even those with lower ceilings can still do this, but you must use shorter strings of lights. Putting these lights in the entryway of your home can make it a more inviting and festive place.
  1. Wreath Lights

  • If you have a Christmas wreath in your home, you might want to think about wrapping some lights around it.
  • This can be a great way to dress up an already beautiful piece of holiday décor.
  • Make sure that you use lights that contrast nicely with the color of the wreath for the best overall aesthetic.
  1. Chandelier Lights

  • Those who have a chandelier in their home should consider adding some lights to it for the month of December.
  • This can go a long way towards enhancing the warm glow of your home’s interior.
  • You should use lights that go well with the bulbs you already have in the chandelier. Loop the lights around the entire chandelier and watch it sparkle.
  1. Christmas Tree Wall

  • If you really want to get creative with your indoor holiday decorating, you can create a Christmas tree from lights on one of your walls.
  • You will need to do a little bit of planning ahead before getting started. Draw out the tree pattern on your wall with pencil before hanging up the lights.
  1.  Work with What You’ve Got

  • You can hang Christmas lights on just about anything, so you will want to work with what you’ve got.
  • Whether it is a bookshelf or even your coffee table, you can turn any piece of furniture into a sparkling holiday decoration.
  • Take some time to think about how you are going to light each object beforehand.
  1. Brighten up your Ceiling Molding

  • Another good way to make the inside of your house glow with the holiday spirit is to string lights up around the ceiling molding.
  • You should start with one strand of lights going up near a doorway that is located next to an electrical outlet to make things easier.


  • If you don’t want to drill holes in your walls when hanging Christmas lights, consider using little hooks with adhesive backs on them. They will do a good job of holding up the lights without damaging your walls.
  • Make sure that you buy the same brand Christmas lights so that you can be sure the aesthetic will be consistent.
  • Set aside a decent amount of time to hang your lights so that you can get it all done at once.

How do you hang Christmas lights without damaging walls?

If you don’t want to use nails, try attaching the lights to adhesive hooks or clips. You might also be able to get them to stay up with a few pieces of transparent tape spread out along the string. Picture hooks, nails, or heavy-duty staples will also work if you don’t mind making holes in the wall.

How do you hang lights indoors without nails?

Luckily there are a number of alternative ways to hang or display fairy lights.
  1. Drawing Pins.
  2. Blu-Tack.
  3. Wrapping around household objects.
  4. Wire Suckers.
  5. Damage-free Adhesive Hooks.

What is the best way to hang lights from your ceiling?

Place hooks around the edge of your ceiling every 2 ft (61 cm). Use adhesive-backed cable hooks so you don’t damage your ceiling while hanging your lights. Remove the backing from the hook and press it onto the ceiling for 30 seconds until it’s secure. Keep adding hooks around your room at 2 ft (24 in) intervals.