The first lesson in being happy is to begin right now.

A lot of people consider happiness to be related to a perfect time when everything will be goodThis is something of a dilemma since nobody knows for sure the futureSo, the best thing to do about being happy is to start immediately.

Though these things were taught to you at school, as we grow older we give them a back seat and fail to realize their benefits.

  1. Take Care of Your Health Physically

What people fail to realize is that exercise or simply physical activity is related to boosting the happy hormones in our brain. Many studies have found that workout can help improve brainpower, blood flow and reduce depression by more than 30%. This is because being fit and healthy refers to a healthy mind.

  • Many of your goals and objectives are related to a lack of confidence or failure in something. The brain tends to accumulate all that negativity and causes your body to stop being productive. The reverse is also true.
  • If you are making your body more productive and energetic, you can feel positive instantly. Simple goals like being able to walk 5 km can give you enough confidence to talk to your boss about your promotion. These are completely unrelated events, but everything is associated at the brain level.
  • In a study, two sets of people were treated with anti-depressants. One set was also forced to take up exercise, whereas the other was not prescribed to do so. What happened was that after stopping the drugs, the later was back to the depressed state, while the previous set was still happy and doing well.
  • Studies such as these claim that exercise has a positive effect on the brain too, and must not be ignored. Basically, you do the below. Wake up early, and complete your daily chores. Go for a nice walk or run, and even hit the gym if you do. Eat a nice healthy breakfast and then start your day.
  1. Thinking Positive and Talking Well

If you talk good about yourself and say positive things to yourself, things will begin to look optimistic. Thinking positive might not make the past better, but will make you prepared for the next challenge and opportunity.

  • If you are unable to find a ticket to a concert, thinking positive that perhaps you will go to another one or someone will cancel at the last moment and you can get it at a discount that can be better. It might not lead to that situation, but thinking negatively is not going to help in any manner either.
  • If you get angry and shut yourself up in a room, only later to realize that if you had waited right beside the counter, someone would have approached you and you could have got that ticket. Here staying positive and thinking positive not just makes you happy but saves you from something even worse.
  • Being sad or negative can lead to bad things. If you are depressed, you will fail in the upcoming exams too. But, being positive can make you pass it with a better grade for sure. Consider this as a time travel.
  • So, talk good about yourself and say good things to yourself, even if others don’t. Stay positive that you will do better next time, and keep up your efforts. Don’t say negative things and shut yourself up.
  1. Your Experiences will be Your Treasure

If you have lost all you had gained because of some problem with your life or maybe a family problem, a love failure or something of that sort, then one thing you must know that you cannot make that reverse.

  • For example, if you didn’t pay attention to your studies because of it and got bad grades, nothing can reverse it now. But, if you stay positive and work hard, you can do better from right now onwards and recover.
  • Your experiences in the past, the mistakes you did will guide you through the route. If you failed to notice something this time, keep in mind to do so the next time. Your experiences are always your best possessions because the materialistic things will be lost soon.
  • You can use your experiences and gather the confidence to work. This can be boosted when you are physically well too.
  • Regardless of your state, being healthy gives another dose of confidence that you can do better.
  1. Be Grateful and Not Vengeful

A simple thing that is always taught to us in school is to stay grateful. For people, talks, opportunities that were taken away from you-you are sad or depressed about. But, if you realize that the time it helps.

  • It helps when you were enjoying those moments were the best time you had, it will give you the chance of being grateful for those times, and not revengeful for having lost the same.
  • If you know that you were very good at something like making crafts, you know that you can get better once again and do good at it.
  • The failures in the past should not be left for the end. The loss of an opportunity should not be left for the end.
  • The time here matters more than the current state.


  • Be grateful for everything.
  • Learn to be physically well.
  • Thinking good and talking positively to yourself is a must.

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