Hexing is a very old practice in the history of mankind. It is a form of caster magic through which you can respite somebody to abide by your wishes and words. Through Hexing, you can control the powers and energy balance of both the physical and intangible forces to listen to you.

History of Hex in Mankind

The history of Hexing is very old and the root exists in the ancient ages. People used to believe that the natural powers and forces are the signs of the power of almighty. This is why they used to try to keep the almighty happy always by praising and worshipping these powers. Some people who had a little bit more gray matter in their minds started exploiting the fear of these people. They were successful to make them understand that they remain in touch with the almighty. This is why they can send the message of these common people to the almighty. They can also control the activities and thinking power of others through their immaterial powers.

This was the way how common people started believing in magic. Some magic was to do good for the people and some were to do badly. People used to call these negative uses of magical powers as black magic. They believe that black magic is the job of the evil and the people who are associated with this are the worshippers of evil.

How to Hex Someone to Love You?

Love is a very important thing in our life. Without love, nothing can exist in this world. Be it a human being or a non-human thing, love is the main source of creation. But sometimes, your beloved may get deviated from the expected pathway of life. He or she may not stay in your grip. Through hex, you can make some other people listen to you blindly. Even if your beloved one is not listening to you, then also you can make him abide by you through these kinds of activities. Here is a ritual to make someone love you deeply.

For this, you need some materials like two candles of red and pink color, a toothpick, and a box full of matches, a pencil, cinnamon oil, and paper. So after you arrange for all these materials, you have to take a bath and wash your body. Wear clean clothes so that you can perform the rituals. Now grave your name and your lover’s name on those candles before you light them. During the time the candles are burning, visualize any scene of your love life where you both were deeply in love with each other and gaze at the flames of the candles. Hold your concentration for nearly about 30 minutes. Now you have to draw two hearts on the paper with the pencil and cover them with the molten wax. Continue this for 7 days at a stretch and bury the papers under the soil where no one can reach them.

How to Hex Your Enemy?

Sometimes you don’t get any way to get rid of your enemies. They make your life like hell with all sorts of problems. Here you can take help of Hexing to defeat your enemy. He will not understand how something happened to you or how you are not getting affected by his tricks.

  • Draw a circle and a triangle inside it. While you are drawing these shapes, you have to spell your wishes and the name of your enemy. The circle is to protect you from the demonic activities of your enemy.
  • Once you are ready with all the arrangements, now you need to beseech the demon of torment to come in front of you so that you can instruct him to torment your enemy. Now you have to clean the shapes and put the materials you used for the hex and plant them near the house of your enemy.
  • One thing you have to remember that you should instruct the demon to harm your enemy and not you. This is because he doesn’t know you or your enemy and can harm anyone in front of him.
  • You can also change your enemy into some other thing through these hexes.


  • Black Magic is a service of evil force to accomplish your works.
  • There are different processes of Hexing in different countries.
  • You can do good to someone or harm someone through these hexes.