A ukulele is fun if you seek an inexpensive, low-pressure, fast, and healthy way to unwind.

It is one of the best instrument when it comes to playing your favorite tunes or songsAlso, you can use this instrument to write your musicThis requires you to memorize chordsAlso, you need to learn how to hold a ukulele and play it the right wayIn this article, we will tell you how to pick and hold a ukuleleRead on!

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How to hold a ukulele?

Before you begin playing the ukulele, you need to pick it up. Make sure you don’t swing it by the headstock. Also, you must use the ukulele hole to properly hold it. Sometimes, not holding it properly can cause warping around your neck and your body. So, you must learn how to properly pick up the ukulele. So, grab your ukulele by the neck so that the neck properly goes in line with the body.

There are different ways to hold your ukulele instrument. Make sure you are well-aware of the stance, for example, the correct position is necessary when you sit down. Also, the location of your hand is essential too. So, make sure you feel relax and comfortable.

Place the Ukulele against the chest

First, you must place the instrument against your chest. This is the right way to hold the instrument. It is important to hold it tightly with your forearm. No matter if you are using a right hand or left hand, the necessary thing is that your forearm is across the top edge of the ukulele’s lower part.

Tilt it slightly upward

Some ukulele players feel comfortable to hold the instrument horizontally. It is best to tilt the ukulele slightly upward. This allows you to play the chords easily. Likewise, you must adjust the position in the playing course to avoid straining your hand.

Keep the elbow at 90 degrees

To hold the instrument correctly, we recommend you keep your elbow at an angle of 90 degrees. At the same time, press the instrument against your upper body – i.e. your chest area with the help of your forearm.

Keep in mind the 90 degrees angle will change a bit while you play the instrument. So, for the initial setup, you need to hold it at the right angle. Avoid maintaining the 90 degrees angle all the time because it can cause strain in your arm and back.

Hold the Ukulele tight

In case you feel that the instrument is slipping from your chest area and the arm, you can hold it tighter. Holding it tight does not mean putting a lot of pressure on the chest. On the other hand, do not bend the neck of the instrument because it can cause the ukulele to go out of the balance and sound out of the tune.

So, you need to perform a quick test. This allows you to see if you need to hold it loosely or tightly. The important thing is to make sure the ukulele instrument stays in the right position – i.e. against your chest.

How to fret chords?

Your first arm will help you hold the instrument in a fixed position. Use your second hand to fret the chords. For this, you need to place your thumb on the neck of the ukulele. The best practice is placing your thumb behind the neck. Also, some experts suggest placing it between the third fret and the nut.

Besides, we recommend you to place the pad of the thumb at the backside so that there is no wrapping of the thumb over the neck top of the instrument. Some people wrap their thumbs around the neck. Don’t do this. This can cause hand strain. You can feel comfortable by placing your fingers in the right way. This is up to you.

Now, wrap your fingers around the neck of the instrument. Make sure, your fingers are around the neck of the instrument. Make them parallel to the instrument fret. Next, you need to allow your finger to freely float above the fret.

Use one of your hands to hold the weight of the ukulele. The hand that you use for fretting must not hold the ukulele weight. Again, try to keep it a bit tighter against your chest. Otherwise, the ukulele will slip.

What if you are left-handed?

Even if you are left-handed, you can easily hold a ukulele. The basic principle is the same for both right-handers and left-handers. For some left-handed players, it is not easy to play the instrument. Although the holding principle is the same, you can reverse the instructions of playing. For this, you need to restring the ukulele. This means you have to reverse the strings.

Wrapping up!

Expert players say that there is not a single correct position to hold a ukulele. It is all about your comfortability and easy-of-use. However, in this article, we have told you the basic method that is good for beginners and experts alike. Following the steps above, you can hold and play the ukulele easily.

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