Did you just discover recently that your zodiac sign is compatible with a Virgo Man? Or perhaps, you’re only interested in dating a Virgo alpha.

Whatever the reason is, you need to show him how interested you are and why he should be with you.

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Here are tips on how you can get a Virgo Man to notice you and even get attracted to you.

Ways to Attract a Virgo Man

You’ll need to start slow and make a good impression

  1. Be his friend first

A Virgo man is one shy-type kind of person. You might feel that he has built a huge wall to block himself from socialization. However, once you get to know him, you’ll find how admirable his personality can be. He is not the type who will show any interest, affection, or passion to just any woman in an instant. He needs to build a bond with that person.

If you wish to approach a Virgo man, get his attention with your sincere, friendly nature. Don’t be too flirty or obvious that you’re only getting his attention because you’re attracted to him. You can do this by starting a normal conversation or invite him to hang out with a group. Don’t be too rash with your approach, and if you’re patient enough, you might just entice him to like you slowly but surely.

  1. Earn his respect

Most Virgo men believe in the saying, “Respect begets respect.” It makes sense. Why? In general, nobody will want to date a person that can’t be respectful or respectable in return. If a Virgo man finds a woman upright, he will immediately start to notice and admire your personality on how you are as a person. He’s not just about looks, charisma, or social status. He needs to connect to the person on a deeper level.

Earn this without trying too hard or pretending into a person that you’re not. Just let him show how smart you are in your own right. Subtly lay out your humble milestones, aspirations, and goals in life. Do not act promiscuous or get too advanced on him with your feelings like showing premature sexual desires because this will immediately turn him off. Although he might give in due to his manly nature, you might just risk ending a blossoming serious relationship with him.

  1. Don’t show him that you’re making too much effort

It’s normal for women to dress up and make an effort to look as alluring and desirable as they can be whenever they’re meeting the person that they like. However, Virgo men are quite sensitive to know what your intentions are. It’s not that it’s bad to put effort into making someone like you. It’s just that a Virgo man does not want to get the wrong signal at the beginning of a relationship, especially if you’re “just friends.”

When you meet up with him, just show how effortlessly beautiful you are. Put makeup on, highlight your attractive features, and do not conceal your real beauty. Dress up accordingly. If he invited you for an outdoor date, don’t show up with a skimpy dress and heavy makeup. Just show him who you are, and he will surely appreciate your authenticity and sincerity.

  1. Start showing your real intentions

After you’ve built your bond with a Virgo man as friends, he must have built some sort of fondness for you. You will know it for sure. You’ll see it on how often he communicates, invites you to go out, the amount of information he shares, and how he welcomes you as a part of his circle. Take advantage and make your next move.

Show him how you’re getting attracted to him without overdoing it. Start expressing your appreciation that you have him, the time you spent together and how you’re happy just to be with him. Show him signals without revealing all of your feelings. This will make him curious and might spark the same feeling for him, too. As we’ve said earlier, a Virgo man can be too shy and fears rejection. So, a little nudge from you won’t hurt.

  1. Make eye contact always

Virgo man loves his space and can be protective to put his guard down, especially if he’s still trying to get to know a person. Make sure you don’t get too touchy with a Virgo man and don’t get offended if he’s not a touchy kind of person. He likes taking it slow and enjoys the anticipation of a budding attraction or affection. Don’t mess it up and try to be patient with him.

Show your interest and passion through your eyes. As they say, “The eyes are the windows through a person’s soul.” When both of you are in a conversation, get him more engaged by maintaining eye contact. You’ll see how he’ll get lost in your attractive sight, and he might just get head over heels. A Virgo man gets crazy over a woman that shows a little bit of tease instead of putting their intentions out there. Instead of touching him, stare at him as you’ve just kissed him.

Keep Him on the Hook

Tell him how you appreciate his efforts

If you got this far, that means you’re above the “friend zone” already. But don’t get too cocky and make sure you’ve kept him on the hook, or he might just escape from it. A Virgo man can be a perfectionist in all ways. He likes being extravagant and elaborate with everything that he does. If he takes you out on a well-prepared date or getaway, then girl, you know what’s cooking!

Make sure no matter what type of date, he invites you to show him your appreciation. Express your pure enjoyment and how excited you are on your next dates. Don’t just blurt out a simple thank you. Point out what you love the most about the date, like the food he picked, his outfit, his smell, the location, or the vibe. He wants to know that you notice every effort that he puts in the date, and more surprises will keep coming your way.

Be ready for more surprises

Once a Virgo man starts liking a woman, he’s always motivated to express his admiration by preparing more surprises for her. If he’s starting to send you extravagant gifts or invite you to well-thought trips, then you got him already. Surprises, no matter how big or small, is a sign of attachment and admiration to a stranger. You don’t just give out surprises to anyone unless they’re special to you, right?

A Virgo man will start swooning you slowly with attacks of exciting surprises. Be sure you’re always ready for him and on the go. It will break his heart if he planned a trip, and you can’t even make it. If you have a tight schedule, let him know how you can only get vacation leaves at a certain time. He will appreciate that and be more flexible towards planning. You are talking about pure determination.

Try to match his style

Virgo men are more of a simple and classic style. He can just put on a simple white tee and jeans and make it look like he’s on the runway. It’s not that he doesn’t put effort with his style; remember how perfectionist he can get. He just likes to be honest and unassuming. He likes being comfortable and at the same time, to look good without even trying.

Authenticity for him is a big thing. Be true to your style and try to match him, too! Dress stylishly without putting on too much details on your outfit that it just becomes an eyesore to him. Accessorize with the right amount that he won’t hear your bangles clinking against each other. Randomly surprise him with a bare face, and he’ll appreciate just how naturally beautiful you are.

He likes an organized woman

If you’re the queen of clutter, it’s a major turn off for a Virgo man. He doesn’t like a woman that is unorganized, untidy, and lacks proper hygiene. Keep in mind how he notices every single thing about you. How you smell good, how you keep your handbag organized at all times, and how sparkling clean your place is. He is attracted to a woman that can keep her life as organized as possible.

This is a good thing because he can push you to develop this positive trait just in case you are a bit unorganized. Apply into your life how you are clean with your body and appearance. Don’t show the opposite. He’ll eventually know if you’re trying to live a double life. Show him that you’re a well-kept woman without being too much of an OCD.

Show how practical you are as a person

A Virgo man adores a practical woman. Period. He doesn’t like a woman who just splurges on something that she doesn’t need or can’t even afford. He doesn’t like spending on unnecessary stuff, wasting food, and just throwing away valuable items that can still be used. He’s particular with the hard work that he puts up just to reach where he’s at now and how he manages to achieve the things that he has. So being wasteful is downright a big no for him.

When he takes you out for dinner, don’t order food that you can’t finish. Show him how you appreciate that he’s taking you out in a fancy restaurant and order what you can finish. Communicate the gifts you will be able to use so he won’t waste his time and money on something that’s just going to sit in your room. He will appreciate your honesty. Limit your impulsive or excessive buying, you will not only impress him, but you’ll help your finances, too.

Be proud of being an independent woman

A Virgo man adores a woman that is stable and independent. You don’t have to be a CEO of a Forbes top 100 company, you know. He likes it that you can provide for yourself well, you have a career to be busy with, you have hobbies to do in your free time and can go to the cafe alone without feeling lonely. They sees that, and he finds it attractive.

He is always on the lookout for a partner that he can rely on and trust with. He likes a woman that depends on him, and that can do amazingly well by herself, too. Likes the balance and harmony that a woman shows. Be proud of your independence and don’t be afraid to show it to him. You’ll be too irresistible for him, and he’s going to want you more.

Be more patient with him

Virgo men don’t take things too fast and especially when it comes to a serious relationship. He likes getting to know the person well and make sure that he can trust her. He takes relationships at a higher standard and not just falling in love on a whim. Virgo Man needs to make sure that he’s with the right person and that he can commit to her as a partner.

Isn’t this wonderful as a woman? You will know that even if it’s quite slow-paced, you know that you’re going somewhere. You know that he’s not just playing games with you. Although he’s not too showy or touchy, he knows that his intentions are pure and sincere. He doesn’t want to hurt your feelings and likes seeing you happy with him. Be patient, and just show him your pure intentions as well. Intimacy will come, and love will eventually develop.

Let your yes be yes and no be no

Virgo men don’t like to be confused, especially with a woman’s feelings. He likes to know that you’re for real, and you don’t just change your mind out of nowhere. He doesn’t like an indecisive woman who acts rationally and doesn’t think things straight. Who lets her emotions get the best of her and just ruin a potentially good time together.

As a woman, communicate how you feel offended by something he did. Don’t go around the bush. Be honest with your emotions. This will save you from all the burden, and this will help him to treat you better, too. Don’t keep him guessing and act as nothing happened. Spare both of you from the hassle of petty fights and try to make an effort to patch up things.

Invite him to dance

If you’re a dancer yourself, then that’s great, but if not, it is okay as long as you have a passion for doing it. Invite him to dance somewhere or dance with him in private, just like in romantic movies. He likes to become carefree and enjoy a fun time together.

Show him your romantic side and let him feel adored. Let him release all his inhibitions, stresses, and worries. Make him feel like you’re his haven that he can go to. He finds a woman delightful if she knows how to have fun and make him happy with her presence.

If you wish to date a Virgo man, be prepared to woe him with pure authenticity and sincerity. In return, you’ll get his loyalty, respect, adoration, and pure love.

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