How do I change the default date format in a CSV file?

Re: Changing default date format for CSV download
  1. Type in Control Panel on your system.
  2. Under Clock and Region, click on Change date, time or number formats.
  3. Click on Additional Settings.
  4. Select Date tab.
  5. In the Date Formats section, clear what you have there and type in mm/dd/yyyy.

How do I stop Excel from formatting dates?

This is how to remove date formatting in Excel:
  1. Click on the cell that contains the date formatting (or select several cells if required)
  2. Either: Click on the arrow next to the clear button on the Home tab, and select Clear Formats. OR.

Why does Excel automatically change numbers to dates?

Why does Excel Changes Numbers to Date? While it can be frustrating when Excel does this, it’s trying to help. In most of the cases, when people enter numbers that can also represent valid date formats in Excel, it will automatically convert these numbers into dates.