How many experience points do you need to get a mate in WolfQuest?

You can get a mate in the trial version, you just have to have 800+ experience. It’s the same as in the full version. You do need the full version to progress and have pups though.

How much XP do you need to get a white pup in WolfQuest?

In WolfQuest: Classic, this puppy-only coat is a reward unlocked when a player’s wolf has earned 15,000 experience points.

What are the ranks in Wolf Quest?

Post Count Ranks
Title Minimum Post Count
Skilled Hunter 5,000
Pack Leader 10,000
Experienced Wolf 20,000
Pack Elder 40,000

What does the star mean in WolfQuest?

Genetic diversity is indicated by stars. To produce healthy pups, higher diversity (more stars) is better. Neighboring pack dispersals may be more closely related to each other (and thus have lower diversity).

Do WolfQuest pups grow up?

As you can see, we’re using wolf coat textures from the adult wolves for these pups. We’ll tweak the younger pup textures as needed so each pup will be recognizable as it grows, though some changes in coat color and pattern are natural and inevitable as pups grow up.

How do you get to Slough Creek in WolfQuest 3?

Once you have a mate (and have purchased the full game), you can go to Slough Creek and raise pups! You must find a mate in Amethyst Mountain and also have purchased the full version to be able to progress to the next episode.

What happens if your mate dies in Slough Creek?

* If your mate dies in Slough Creek, a new subquest begins to find a new mate. This uses the same mechanics as Amethyst Find a Mate, except there is no trial period — they join the pack immediately. * New Endless Summer quest after completing Loaf.

Can you have multiple litters in Wolf Quest 3?

In the game, you can have up to seven pups in a litter.

How do wolves flirt?

Courtship and Bonding

There may be mutual grooming and nibbling of each other’s coats and the two may walk pressed close together. The Male may bow to the female, toss and tilt his head, and lay his legs over her neck in what could only be described as a flirting manner. The two may even sleep side by side.

Where do you find a dispersal wolf in WolfQuest?

Dispersal wolves have a chance of appearing inside any of the three wolf territories in Amethyst Mountain and Lost River after satisfying the experience requirement. They will not appear before this condition has been met.

How do you get your mate to stay at Den in WolfQuest?

Command Emotes:

If at the den, woofing at your mate tells them to stay home with the pups. If you are away from home with your mate, woofing will send them home.

How do you get the Wolf Quest Anniversary Edition?

Get the game from WolfQuest (on

If you previously purchased WolfQuest 2.7, on the WolfQuest website or then WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition will be available on your WolfQuest download page. Your email receipt from has the link for that, or you can have that email sent again.

What does Slough wolf mean?

Slough wolves are a possible social arena encounter in legacy Slough Creek. Unlike the first episode, these appear to be smaller, instanced encounters that do not require the player to intrude into their neighbors’ territory. On the contrary, strangers can encroach into the player’s own territory.

Can pups drown in Wolfquest 3?

Pups will not drown and will instead slowly attempt to swim toward the closest body of land. Pups will still eat, sleep and play as normal if the pack stops moving.

Where can you find a mate in WolfQuest?

In WolfQuest 2.7, you can get a mate in Amethyst Mountain and Lost River but not Slough Creek. Once you have enough experience points you will encounter other dispersal wolves that might be interested in becoming your mate.

Can you find a mate in Slough Creek?

In Slough Creek, you can find a new mate if your mate is male, or if your mate is female and the pups have already been born. If your mate is female and dies before giving birth to pups, the game will end. Note: you won’t have a trial period when choosing a new mate.

How do you raise affinity in WolfQuest?

Affinity is gained through positive interaction with the pups, feeding them, and spending time at the den or rendezvous site.