What does it mean to conjure something?

Full Definition of conjure

transitive verb. 1 : to charge or entreat earnestly or solemnly “I conjure you … to weigh my case well … “— Sheridan Le Fanu. 2a : to summon by or as if by invocation or incantation.

What does it mean to conjure a child?

conjures, conjuring, conjured. definition 1: to do or produce by or as if by magic or sleight of hand.

What does conjure mean vocabulary?

Definitions of conjure. verb. summon into action or bring into existence, often as if by magic. “he conjured wild birds in the air” synonyms: arouse, bring up, call down, call forth, conjure up, evoke, invoke, put forward, raise, stir call forth, evoke, kick up, provoke.

What is the opposite of conjure?

conjure. Antonyms: deprecate, protest, remonstrate, expostulate. Synonyms: implore, importune, crave, entreat, beseech, supplicate.

How do you say conjure up?

Is it conjure or conjure up?

This is the British English definition of conjure up.

conjure up ​Definitions and Synonyms.
present tense
I/you/we/they conjure up
he/she/it conjures up
present participle conjuring up
past tense conjured up

What does conjure mean in Romeo and Juliet?

To charge
Conjure (v.) To charge, entreat, charm, bewitch; to call upon or command a spirit using a spell. Mercutio (Act II, i) calling for Romeo who has slipped away: The ape is deceased, and I must conjure him.

What does conjuring mean in the movie?

To summon (a devil or spirit) by magical or supernatural power.

Is conjurer a word?

a person who conjures spirits or practices magic; magician.

How do you implore?

to beg urgently or piteously, as for aid or mercy; beseech; entreat: They implored him to go. to beg urgently or piteously for (aid, mercy, pardon, etc.): implore forgiveness. verb (used without object), im·plored, im·plor·ing. to make urgent or piteous supplication.

What does it mean to conjure up memories?

1. phrasal verb. If you conjure up a memory, picture, or idea, you create it in your mind.

What is the feminine gender of sorcerer?

The word for a female sorcerer is sorceress.

How do you say conjuror?

What is a conjurer *?

Definition of conjurer

1 : one that practices magic arts : wizard. 2 : one that performs feats of sleight of hand and illusion : magician, juggler.

What is feminine waiter?

Waiter (masculine) – Waitress (feminine) – only ‘waiter’ is often used today.

What’s a female witch called?

The word witch derives from the Old English nouns ƿiċċa [ˈwittʃɑ] (‘sorcerer, male witch, warlock’) and ƿiċċe [ˈwittʃe] (‘sorceress, female witch’).

What is the feminine of Princess?

The feminine gender noun of a prince is ‘princess‘. A princess refers to the daughter of a king or an emperor. The word princess has been derived from the Old French word- Princesse.