How many states is the Ogallala Aquifer in?

eight states
The Ogallala-High Plains Aquifer is one of the world’s largest groundwater sources, extending from South Dakota down through the Texas Panhandle across portions of eight states.

Which states does the Ogallala Aquifer run through?

The Ogallala Aquifer underlies parts of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming.

How many states does the Ogallala reservoir run underneath?

The Ogallala Aquifer, also known as the High Plains Aquifer, underlies eight different states, stretching across America’s High Plains from South Dakota down to Northern Texas.

How many states does the aquifer run under?

eight states
The challenge of the Ogallala is how to manage human demands on the layer of water that sprawls underneath parts of eight states from South Dakota to Texas. As landowners strive to conserve what’s left, they face a tug-of-war between economic growth and declining natural resources.

Is there an aquifer under Nebraska?

Nebraska is a groundwater-rich state, thanks in part to the High Plains Aquifer. Many people are familiar with the High Plains Aquifer (also sometimes called the Ogallala aquifer), but fewer people know that there are other aquifers in the state.

In which states are the water levels in the Ogallala Aquifer rising?

In other areas, such as parts of eastern and central Nebraska and of the region south of Lubbock, Texas, water levels have risen since 1980.

What aquifer is under the Ogallala Aquifer?

Lower Cretaceous units form two separate subcrops within the Texas High Plains, the Edwards-Trinity (High Plains) and the Edwards-Trinity (Plateau). Underlying these three aquifers and much of the Ogallala are Triassic (Dockum aquifer) and Permian formations.

How much longer will the Ogallala Aquifer last?

The Ogallala Aquifer, which has been sustaining the Great Plains’ agriculture since the end of the Dust Bowl, has run out of half its resources already. When it runs out, it will take 6,000 years for it to be replenished.

What is the largest aquifer in the United States?

The Ogallala Aquifer
The Ogallala Aquifer is the largest aquifer in the U.S. and includes nearly all of Nebraska and large sections of Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming. It is the primary water source for the High Plains region.

What aquifer runs under Kansas?

Aquifers in Kansas

The High Plains aquifer, underlying much of western Kansas and parts of seven other states, is by far the largest. Wells drilled in the High Plains aquifer provide more water for cities, industry, and agriculture than wells in Kansas’s other aquifers combined.

Where is the Ogallala Aquifer continent?

The Ogallala Aquifer underlies approximately 225,000 square miles in the Great Plains region, particularly in the High Plains of Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and Nebraska. The depth of the aquifer from the surface of the land, its reate of natural thickness, vary from region to region.

Which state has the most aquifers?

Which areas in the United States are most dependent on groundwater?
Mississippi 84%
California 67%
Hawaii 63%
Nebraska 59%
Florida 63%

How many aquifers are in Kansas?

A network of water-bearing rock, the High Plains aquifer extends into eight states and, in Kansas, is comprised of three components-the Ogallala aquifer, the Great Bend Prairie aquifer, and the Equus Beds.

How many aquifers are there in Kansas?

Kansas has seven principal groundwater aquifer systems. Alluvial aquifers are unconfined and associated with streams and rivers. The Kansas River Alluvial Aquifer is an important source of water for cities and irrigation along the border of the glaciated area and the Flint Hills.

Where is the biggest aquifer in the world?

Great Artesian Basin
The world’s largest aquifer is the Great Artesian Basin in Australia. It covers 1.7 million square kilometres, equivalent to about a quarter of the entire country and 7 times the area of the UK. The Great Artesian Basin is also the deepest aquifer in the world.

How far down is the water table in Kansas?

Depth to water varies from less than 25 to 50 feet in the Equus Beds, to over 350 feet in Haskell County, based on meas- urements from 2010 to 2012. Southwest Kansas has the greatest saturated thickness with over 300 feet still occur- ring in Seward and Stevens counties.

How much does it cost to drill a water well in Kansas?

Well Drilling Costs By State
State Average Cost Per Foot
Kansas $28 – $61
Kentucky $27 – $59
Louisiana $28 – $61
Maine $27 – $58

Where does Wichita get its water?

Wichita’s Major Water Sources

The City of Wichita gets its water from a few major sources, utilizing surface water from Cheney Reservoir and groundwater from the Equus Beds wellfield near Halstead, as well as a few local wells, Don Henry, Wichita’s Assistant Director of Public Works & Utilities says.