Are Party Buses worth it?

Finding a party bus that fits your needs isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely worth it. Party buses are an affordable and unique option for group transportation rentals for bachelor or bachelorette parties.

Is a party bus or limo more expensive?

Yes, we know we just said party buses are usually more expensive than limos. … The amenities in a party bus easily outweigh those you’ll find in a limo, or in any other vehicle, for that matter. If you’re looking to have a party while on the move, there’s no better way to do it than on a party bus.

How many people can fit in a party bus?

A standard size party bus will fit around 20-30 passengers. If you have a larger group other options, such as a larger party bus should be a better solution, as it can fit around 36-50 people. It is very common for standard and large size party buses to have a service bar with insulated coolers.

Why do people rent party buses?

A party bus provides a whole new level of excitement and endless fun for passengers of all ages, mainly because they offer added space and amenities that make them stand out from regular vehicles and are highly sought after when it comes to big parties.

Why are party buses so expensive?

This is due in part to the higher fees that companies have to account for when it comes to licensing, insurance, and toll costs. Businesses also need to take their bottom line into consideration. With better quality buses available for rent and a nicer location, overhead costs automatically increase.

Do party buses make money?

The gross margins for your party bus business are typically around 15%, which can make it more challenging to incur new expenses and maintain profitability. In the party bus business, employee turnover is often high, which can be quite costly and time consuming for your business.

Can party buses just drive around?

But, sometimes, you can rent a party bus just for a fun and unique experience. If you have no destination in mind, you are welcome to just drive around town. Keep in mind that most party bus companies will have a set number of miles included in the party bus rental rates and if you exceed this, it will cost you extra.

How do party busses work?

Party buses are large vehicles that are modified to provide entertainment for passengers as they journey to their destination. Uptown Bus party buses provide a safe, comfortable and exciting ride that creates an unforgettable night out. A party bus is whatever you want it to be!

Are party buses safe?

Because these vehicles are altered by adding seats, removing seatbelts, and taking out airbags the occupants are at a higher risk for injury or death as the result of an accident. Party buses are not better due to the ability to walk around through the bus while it is in motion.

What is the point of a party bus?

Party buses are designed to provide a fun atmosphere for you and your party, and they come equipped with extras like luxury seating, laser lights, dance floors, and more. You can rent a party bus for any occasion, such as a wedding, birthday party, quinceañera, and many, many others.

How do you plan a party bus party?

Here are 7 tips to make sure whatever the destination, your Party Bus rental is perfect.
  1. Plan in Advance. …
  2. Choosing your Vehicle. …
  3. Plan your Destination. …
  4. Understand the Cost. …
  5. Refreshments are a Must. …
  6. Who doesn’t like Snacks. …
  7. This Party will go Longer than You Think.

What should I wear for a party bus?

Short answer: whatever you want. Long answer: a party bus is a mobile nightclub, so ideally you should dress for it the same as you would for a nightclub. Of course, what you wear also depends on the venue you’re going to. If you’re headed to a prom, dressing in a sharp suit or an evening gown is advisable.

Do party buses have windows?

Providing comfortable seating for up to 36 passengers, these cars are equipped with state of the art stereo and lighting systems, commercial grade air-conditioning, wet bar, plush leather interior and dark-tinted windows, along with a dance pole.

Is a limo a bus?

Well, there are no major differences between these vehicles…

As surprising as it may sound, the terms limo bus and party bus refer to a large motor vehicle, usually derived from a conventional bus or coach, which is modified and designed to carry anywhere from 10 people to 40-50 people.

Do limousines have toilets?

The bathroom in your party limo bus will typically feature a simple toilet. It can come with its own flushing button. … Think of the bathroom on a party bus like something similar to a bathroom on an airplane.

How many people fit in a limo?

For a standard stretch limousine, you can expect to be able to hold up to 6 people per limo. Super Stretch limousines can hold up to 14 people, and then you have the SUV limousines.

How much does a party bus cost in Milwaukee?

The size and luxury of the party bus you want will affect the price. For example, a 10-passenger vehicle could cost $100 per hour, a 14-passenger vehicle could cost $125 per hour, and a 20-passenger vehicle could cost $150 per hour. Party bus prices will also be dictated by the season or holidays.

How many windows does a limo have?

Older stretch limos with only four doors must have the two pop-out windows and a rooftop escape hatch. Passengers must be able to open that fifth door, at all times.

What is the price of limousine?

Expect to pay $100 and $250 per hour, while a stretch Hummer could cost $150 and $300. A 6-8 passenger limousine averages $95 to $125 an hour. Larger limos for 10-16 guests can run $100 to $250 an hour. Mercedes Sprinter Executive Shuttles and Limousine seat between 8 – 14 passengers.

How much does a limousine cost?

Vehicles Rate (*) Minimum
8 Passenger Limousine $99 per hour 3 hours minimum
10 Passenger Limousine $105 per hour 3 hours minimum
14 Passenger Limousine $165 per hour 3 hours minimum

How many gallons of gas does a limo hold?

It is built on a GM Topkick chassis and has a fuel capacity of 40 gallons of fuel.

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