Becoming a “superhero” is every child’s dream. I mean, who didn’t dream of becoming one when they were a kid? We’ve all fantasized about being just like Superman or Wonderwoman and trying to save the world from the evil villains.

This childhood dream will not be buried forever because you can become a superhero in real life. Here’s how:

  1. Identify your superpowers

If you truly know yourself, this should be easy. Each of us always has something that we’re good at. Were you gifted to have an excellent speed? Or maybe an amazing strength power? Perhaps you’re a math wizard or science expert. You sing well or dance gracefully. Whatever it is, list down the following skills that you’re good at and think about how you can use it to harness the superhero in you.

  1. Practice and train your superpowers

Once you’ve identified your unique superpowers, it’s time for you to step up. Before someone can become an expert in something, they practice for hours and hours every day to become the best at something. Don’t let those skills and talent go to waste, but instead train yourself on becoming better at it. Train every day, enroll in a class or join a group session to make sure that you are working hard to be your best self.

  1. Keep yourself fit

Superheroes are all fit physically, emotionally, and mentally. Saving the world is a tough job, and a weak body won’t make a cut. Before you can save others, make sure your overall health can support this demanding call as a superhero. Maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and be a better role model for others. A real superhero is always a good influence that others should follow.

  1. Know your real mission as a superhero

Know the very reason why you’ve decided to become a superhero. What triggered you to receive this calling and respond to it. What drives you to serve others and make a difference in the world? Focus on it and study how you can make a difference in that area. It can be helping the poor, providing education to unfortunate kids, responding to calamities, or donating into a foundation. Learn to pick your fight because you can’t save everyone, but you can save some.

  1. Offering the smallest help makes you a superhero

Did you randomly pay for that old man’s grocery bill? Helped an old lady cross the street? Help the pregnant lady carry her stuff? Or brought food for a homeless man? Whatever good deed you did, either small or big, it means something. Helping others in need makes you a real superhero. It doesn’t have to be something grand. As long as you’re starting and keeping it up, you’ll go somewhere.

  1. Please don’t do it for fame

If you’re helping others just for publicity, then you’re no different from the so-called “villains.” Helping and serving others should come from the heart, or else every good deed will be meaningless. When you help with sincerity, it feels good and fulfilling, not only to the person who received the help but to you as well. There are a lot of fake superheroes these days, don’t be one.

  1. Always stay motivated

Every day is not always the same. There will come a time where you’ll lose your “mojo” because of the negativity around you. As a superhero, don’t let these get the best out of you. Learn how to turn constructive criticism into a learning experience. Work on your weaknesses and bounce back again after a hard fall. After all, superheroes are known for enduring and persevering.

  1. Create your persona

Although the intention is not to become famous, it is nice that people can acknowledge you as the hero that always saves others. Whether you want to have a unique costume and a name of your own, what matters is the image you’re trying to show. Show to the world your positive traits that make you a superhero. Showcase your confidence, wit, braveness, and kindness for the world to see. It’s better to be acknowledged for our good traits than having a grand costume.

  1. Join other superheroes

As they always say, “two is better than one,” which is always true in so many ways. You see how Batman has Robin and Superman has Jimmy Olsen, because it’s better to save the world with a good company. Go out of your way and meet other real-life superheroes like you. Collaborate with certain causes that can help your community by making their lives better.

  1. Encourage others to become a superhero

Be an infectious kind of hero. Be a hero that makes others want to become one as well. You’re so great of fulfilling your job as a hero that everyone wants to follow your lead.

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