1. Plan Your Travel In Advance

Before you can step out into the outside world, you should plan your trip precisely. Based on the finances that you have, you should take time to decide on where to go, how long to stay in a particular destination. You’d also get concerned with what to carry, means of transport, and when to start the journey. To make it work out efficiently, the following steps are handy.

  • Decide on your destination

The world is absolutely big. And traveling to every destination within a short time isn’t feasible.

Now, what exactly should you do? Decide on whether you want to spend your entire vacation in a single country, a sing region, or different countries.

Perhaps you might also decide to travel across the globe. But that’s isn’t a big deal. What matters is your starting point.

Also, you should know that the cost of travel is relative depending on the region you visit. For instance, traveling to certain parts of Asia and Africa may be less expensive for western travelers, but they may lack sophisticated amenities you’re used to.

On the other hand, other destinations are well set for travelers and tourists. New Zealand is one such place. They have hotels and hostels to accommodate travelers and tourists. Though somehow costly.

  • Draft Your Travel Schedule For Your Travel

Before you jump into a ship, train, or plan, you should have a clear idea of where you’re headed. And that’s where proper travel schedule comes in handy.

Since world travel may take longer than expected, making your schedule as specific as possible can help to avoid any possible extension on the planned period.

Also, you need to determine how long your trip would be and how it would fit into your economic life. Yes, find out whether you would quit your job, or your employer would allow you to work remotely as you travel.

  • Carryout a though research of your destinations

Knowing much about your destination is one of the things you shouldn’t forget when preparing for your world travels.

Find out about the best and safe parts of the country to visit and those parts of staying away from.   Also, find out about any political and cultural events that can perhaps interrupt your travel plan.

Besides that, you can also keep track of the political and other news from the country to be aware of any cultural customs to follow and the potential danger zones to avoid.

If you know of any person in any of your travel destination, you can keep in touch to stay informed.

  • Budget wisely for your international travels

The cost of traveling across the world is the major caveat for any potential world traveler. After paying for your travel ticket, other expenses such as for lodging or hostel, and food can quickly raise your expenditure bar.

Now, should you stay hungry for the better part of your trip? Absolutely no! You can plan your expenditures properly and still stay on top of events without going bankrupt. Below are the tricks.

  • Plan early enough and establish the source of your international traveling money. If you’re planning to pay everything out of your savings, you might perhaps have to work an extra hour.
  • Avoid some of the expensive transport options and opt for cheaper alternatives such as trains, public buses, and even footing for relatively shorter distances.
  • Keep your daily expenditure below $50 as much as possible.
  • Avoid eating in restaurants unless it’s indispensable. Otherwise, you can opt for your self-prepared meals or eat in some of the cheap eateries.
  • Set the maximum daily expenditure that you wouldn’t want to exceed.

Combine your travel goal with your job

If you’re working with international teaching organizations under programs such as the EKIP, it becomes easy.

You can often get opportunities to teach overseas for a more extended period with your expenses paid. During this time, you can save on lodging and other costs.

Alternatively, you can stay in a hostel to keep the lodging expenses at a minimum.  Also, you can work on a cruise ship and enjoy traveling for free while on duty.

  1. Prepare The Specifics For Your World Travel

After planning your travel, the next thing you should do is prepare your specifics and get ready for a world traveler.

  • Learn key universal phrases

Moving smoothly in a country speaking a different language may not be secure. And if not careful, you might suffer a language barrier.  Therefore, you should learn a few key phrases to help you interact with the locals smoothly. Therefore, learn how to:

  • Greet someone
  • Thank someone politely
  • Disagree and agree politely
  • Ask how much when buying things
  • Ask where essential facilities such as washrooms, restaurants, libraries, train, or bus stations are located.

If you find it challenging to master the key phrases for most of the countries you want to visit, proceed with one step at a time. What does it all mean?

Well, it’s pretty easy. Work on the language for the next country you want to visit a week before paying for your ticket. Doing this would make it easier than you would have thought.

  • Learn how to do new things that you’re not used to.

When traveling in the world, you’ll meet different types of people and different cultures. Therefore, be psychologically prepared to do things in totally new ways. To be on a safer end, you should learn how to:

  • Talk to strangers like an insider
  • Deal with unwanted attention
  • Do the math and negotiate for fair prices whenever possible.
  • Eat whatever is put before you though this may sound careless if you have a sensitive stomach.
  • Repair your stuff.
  • Learn how to sleep anywhere.
  • Make a song or dance

With these seven tips, you can survive virtually anywhere in the world while on your world travel mission.

  • Compare the methods of travel

Some days before the journey, you can compare the means of travel and choose the one that would be cost-effective yet consistent with your scheduled time for the trip.

Based on your preferences, you can choose to travel either by road, train, or pay for a flight ticket.

However, you should also consider the time it would take to travel to your destination, and most importantly, prioritize your safety.

  • Ensure your travel documents are up to date

Since traveling to countries outside your region requires a valid passport. Therefore, you should ensure your passport is up to date ahead of time.

If you do not yet have one, you can go online and find out how the processes work in your country.

After applying for a passport, it may take you up to seven working days to have it under your custody.

Other countries will require you to have a travel visa. This would state your reason for visiting the country and for how long you visit would last.

Different countries have different types of Visas. Therefore, get up to date information on the internet.

  • Ensure your immunizations are updated

Foreign countries could have various diseases. As such, your vaccination would serve a critical role in ensuring you’re free from foreign diseases while on your trip.

Be sure to tell doctors the countries you intent to visit and let them recommend the necessary vaccines you would need.

Also, pack any medicine you’d need as getting such overseas may be a real hassle.

  1. Pack and travel intelligently

Be conservative when packing your belonging in your travel bag. Ensure you pack the necessary things that you’d need while out rather than expensive luxuries.

Take with you sturdy shoes and all-weather clothes that will keep you comfortable while out there. Also, avoid using multiple bags or bulky luggage that might overburden you during the travel.

Practice healthy habits such as eating healthy food, avoid drinking too much, have plenty of sleep, and perhaps preventing yourself from too much homesickness.

And most importantly, get a global cell phone if not yet. Since call roaming can be a bit expensive, you should find out the amount charged by your local mobile network to avoid costly charges inadvertently.

Ready to travel the world? Well, you’re now good to go.

How to Be a World Traveler For Free

Become a world traveler has often been overstated. Many travel companies and corporate media outlets always describe it in a manner that paints a picture of how tough and expensive it could be with a travel package. But look, we’ve made it easier for you in the steps below.

  1. Embrace The Joy That Comes With Travels

The joy that travel brings is the fascinating thing any world travel enthusiast can on. Since traveling sets you free from the grinds of your routines, you will have time to mingle with new people.

Also, you’ll adapt to new cultures, try out foreign delicacies, and perhaps learn new things about the outside world that couldn’t be possible at your doorstep.

I mean there’s a host of things that you can enjoy out there.

Some of the experiences and encounters that you can enjoy for free include walking the streets of a new city, interacting with the locals, get to people’s park and see what’s on.

Perhaps, you can also climb on top of a hill and watch the sun setting over the oceans. It’s absolutely awesome!

And that’s the simple joy that comes with world travels.

I mean, you don’t need a prestigious travel package to kick off your journey to the world. It’s a matter of planning yourself and waiting to see.

  1. Be cost-savvy

Becoming a world traveler doesn’t necessarily require huge chunks of bucks to make it headways. Instead, it requires you to cut down on costs by downsizing your lifestyle while traveling the world.

Even though most economies might have been built on a misleading though that you have to buy new things when out, it isn’t true.

You need more necessities than luxuries. All you need is fresh air, clean water, clean food, creative stimulation, exercise, self-esteem, companionship, and of course, a safe place to spend your nights.

Fortunately, most of these things are pretty easy to obtain, if not available for free. If you need fresh air, you should get out, and take a walk in case you need to exercise.

If you need creative stimulation, you can go to new places, and make a friend for companionship. Besides that, you can get healthy food, clean water, and shelter cheaply or at zero cost using the following tricks.

  • Find out some of the cheap eateries are located.
  • Spend nights in hostels
  • Get in touch with online networks that link travelers with the local hosts. Such platforms include WWOOF and CouchSurfing.
  • CouchSurfing: Members of CouchSurfing can offer you a place to sleep for one or two nights.
  • WWOOF: They connect travelers with organic farmers who may need an extra hand.

With these three tricks, you stand a better chance for free or cheap food and shelter. Sounds great? Well, you can take a leap of faith and make it work for you.

  1. Equip Yourself With Useful Skills Or Craft

Having some skills such as animal husbandry, cooking, basic carpentry, musical ability, and massage is an added advantage. You can barter the ability for food, shelter, and other miscellaneous expenses as you traverse the world. After all, the idea is all about traveling around the globe for free.

Other universally appreciated skills such as web design and others are also excellent. Cooking skills are not only tremendous but applicable to any set-up.

If you’re a native English speaker or have impeccable English skills, you can quickly get a chance in your travel destination to teach English lessons and earn some cash.

It’s also worth pointing out that the slower you travel, the higher the opportunities of working on a mutual schedule with your hosts. Therefore, take your time and never be in a hurry when traveling.

  1. Avoid Being On Hurry

If you want to travel to a destination, you can find the best way to do it for free. For instance, if you want to visit to Africa for a three weeks’ vacation and you’re from New York, it would require a little bit of more effort to accomplish your mission.

Even though the saying goes, “Time is money,” time is not money. But as long as you believe the time is money, the more you’re likely to spend on your travel. Therefore, you have all the time you need for free.

Therefore, you can remodel an old sailboat and head west.  Or hop on your bicycle and ride out of the town instead of paying for a flight ticket.

In addition to that, you can ask for a free lift in the course of your journey. If that works for you, then you’ll be the lucky one.

  1. Go To The Country

If you want to succeed in your mission to travel the world, don’t avoid going to the cities. The people in the town live a money-dependent life. Therefore, you will have to spend much on your survival.

Besides that, the people in the city hardly have extra resources to host an additional person. As such, getting free accommodation may not be easy, though not impossible.

Contrary to the city dwellers, people living in the countryside have a relaxed environment. In addition to that, they have plenty of free food, and ample space to accommodate visitors. Therefore, you can easily achieve your word travel dream if you travel through the countryside.

  1. Free Yourself From Obsessions And Possessions

Before you start your mission of traveling around the world, you must free your mind from your obsessions and possessions.

Why? It’s pretty simple. When you travel, you need very little, and they’re more fundamental than luxuries. Therefore, you don’t need to rent a house or have a car.

Also, you won’t need an oven, electricity, cable TV, a washer-dryer, or a gym membership. And of course, you don’t need to worry about how you will pay your bills as there are no bills to be paid.

You’re free!

  1. Look For a Job With A Lot Of Travel Potential

If you have financial obligations such as settling your loan, paying for your child’s support, get a job with many travel opportunities.

Though some jobs are easy to love, others may not be ethical. So, ensure the job you involve doesn’t raise lwgal and ethical issues.

How can I get paid to travel the world?

5 Ways to Get Paid to Travel the World
  • Become a Transporter. Become a Transporter. MECKY/The Image Bank/Getty Images.
  • Become a Mystery Shopper. Vacation Resort.
  • Get a Seasonal Job. Ski Resort.
  • Get a Job on a Cruise Ship. Cruise Ship.
  • Teach English. Teaching English.
  • Travel for Free. Travel Guides and Souvenirs.

How can I be a professional Traveller?

  1. Minimalist planning.
  2. Reduce your luggage to the minimum.
  3. Without budget for accommodation.
  4. Learn the universal language.
  5. Open mind to new skills.
  6. Faith in your project.
  7. Never give up as an unbreakable rule.

How can I earn money by sitting at home?

7 Ways to Relieve Boredom by Hustling for Extra Cash
  1. Work freelance. There are more than enough websites that offer freelance work.
  2. Take online surveys.
  3. Become a virtual assistant.
  4. Sell Your Expertise.
  5. Test websites/apps.
  6. Blog.
  7. Turn your passion into money.

How can I become rich from nothing?

How To Get Rich From Nothing
  1. Get your money mindset right. The mind is a powerful thing, especially when it comes to your money mindset.
  2. Create a financial plan.
  3. Get on a budget.
  4. Live below your means.
  5. Create multiple streams of income.
  6. Boost your current income.
  7. Invest your money.

How can I make $500 a week realistically?

If you’re looking for additional ways to make $500 quickly, here are a few more options for you to consider.
  1. Work overtime at your job.
  2. Negotiate your bills.
  3. Rent a room in your house on Airbnb.
  4. Write a low-content eBook.
  5. Have a yard sale.
  6. Check for unclaimed money.
  7. Cash in your recycling.

How much is $500 a week in a year?

So a $500 weekly check has withholding consistent with making 52 x $500 = $26,000 per year.

How can I make 300 dollars a day?