If you want to archive your movies from iMovie and share it with friends and family using old-school DVDs, the best way to burn them is by using the inbuilt tools.

In 2020, all you need is a few clicksOnce you have exported and have the movie ready, burning on a DVD-R disc is a no brainer.

How to Burn a DVD from iMovie?

At the Apple forums, a thread that dates back to September of 2017 talks about a user with Mac Mini and Sierra. With 8 GB of RAM and with 218 users with the same question, the thread gracefully has some elaborate replies.

  • The first reply on the top points to a third-party solution without using iDVD, however, most users prefer iDVD because they are used to it.
  • Apple’s support pages that show how to burn DVDs and CDs on Mac OS Sierra are offline and unreachable as of today, so we only have user reviews and third-party solutions to ponder upon.
  • According to an Apple Level 7 user with more than 28k points, the default standard in-built burning program on the Sierra offered just 20 minutes. And, further this restricted playback on a DVD player.
  • On a Mac, burning a data DVD is different from a movie DVD, and this article is about oldies and goldies in your collection.

Use a DVD Authoring Program

Before you start looking elsewhere, you need a good piece of program that can author DVDs that are playable on the computer. Programs such as iDVD and Roxio Toast are meant to exploit this pitfall and safeguard introduced by Apple.

  • In most programs, you can export your movie from iMovie, of less than 2 hours for iDVD, and drag and drop it on the iDVD project screen.
  • It will import it readily and rapidly. Then, you must select “Burn Disc Image” and this option is available as a drop-down from the iDVD menu.
  • The encoding takes a while for the program and when it is over you will have a disc image on the desktop screen. Now, this does not burn it directly on the DVD, it is a two-fold process here.
  • Next, you must insert a DVD-SCR in the disc drive and do a simple Ctrl+Click on the disc image, select Burn Disc, select the inserted drive, and click Burn.

How to Burn iMovie to DVD without iDVD?

Roxio Toast is an online and more expensive program available as well. This is an alternative method recommended by Apple users. But pretty much everyone prefers iDVD because it is from Apple, and it ensures direct compatibility.

  • In recent Mac, there is no iDVD, and to burn a DVD from iMovie, you need to export the movie as an .mp4 file separately. To do this, use the Export button, and select the appropriate size such as 480p or 720p, etc.
  • Now, you can use iDVD and the same drag and drop, burn method above. For using iDVD on different OSs, see respective threads on Apple forums.
  • iMovie is a popular movie-making software for Mac, similar to Windows Movie Maker. You can create and edit videos in this in a few steps. But, burning them into DVDs and sharing them can be a pain without iDVD companion from iLife.
  • Exporting and burning take a few more steps.
  • Click on “Share” on the upper-right in the iMovie, and select “File”. Click Next, and then Export. Then, use a “Save As” name and location like Desktop. Here you can change resolution, speed, and so on.
  • Use QuickTime to check if the video is playing properly and things look fine. Next, go to your favorite DVD authoring software. Disco, Finder, Burn, DVD Styler, Wondershare are some of the most popular products.
  • Follow the tutorial for the corresponding program, and you are good to go.

How to Burn iMovie to DVD with iTunes?

Here is a brilliant discussion on iDVD alternatives on Apple Support. And, over 60 people have the same query as well. However, iTunes is also a friendly and proprietary way to burn movies to CDs and DVDs.

  • iTunes movies and videos are protected by DRM and therefore restrict burning to DVDs. Since Apple encodes those using DRMs, it is impossible without a proprietary program that can remove them.
  • There are programs like the NoteBurner which can remove DRM from both rented and purchased videos so that they can play on non-Apple devices.
  • You can use them on Windows, and even Mac. The first step is to download or export the movie as in the previous case. Once you have the movie file, you can move ahead.
  • Some converters only remove the DRM from an iTunes movie to a non-DRM media file, and then you have to burn it into a disc using any common DVD burner.

Tools to Remove DRM from Apple iTunes Movies

These are very popular these days. Online programs are also available but it is best to use the software you can download and install. Some of the best programs of 2020 include DVDFab, TunesKit, NoteBurner, and M4V.

  • These DRM media converters re-encode the media without DRM protection and allow the media to play on non-Apple devices as well.
  • They are available for both Windows and Mac and support the latest OS as well.
  • Their prices vary from totally free to free-trial and affordable rates, depending on features and security.
  • myFairTunes is a popular DRM removal tool that is available for free and has millions of active users.


  • iDVD is a proprietary tool to burn movies from iMovie to DVDs. There are alternatives to do this as well, but some are expensive too.
  • iTunes encodes movies with DRM, so you will need an additional DRM-removing program. If the movie does not have a DRM, any burning software can create a disc.
  • For regular Apple users, iLife is a wonderful package, and using proprietary tools helps avoid troubles, experimenting, and avoid testing different things.
  • It is time-saving to use iDVD, but without iDVD too, you can use other methods we have listed above. With alternatives, you have to fiddle a bit here and there.

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