How do you take care of an African pygmy hedgehog?

Hedgehogs are fairly cleanly animals, but you will need to help out to keep his environment hygienic and healthy. Spot clean the cage daily, removing any waste or soiled bedding. Take out and clean the food bowls and refresh the water bottle. Remove all the bedding and replace it with some fresh substrate once a week.

Should African pygmy hedgehogs be pets?

The African pygmy hedgehog is a wild animal that – despite their small size – has a wide range of needs that must be met in order for the animal to be healthy and happy. Therefore, we can’t fairly recommend keeping African pygmy hedgehogs as pets.

What do you need for an African pygmy hedgehog?

Pygmy hedgehogs love to hide and snuggle up in a quite space. This can be achieved with a small cardboard box or something similar as their hiding and sleeping area. In terms of temperate, you’ll need to keep them inside and if you have central heating, this should provide enough warmth to keep them from hibernating.

How long do African pygmy hedgehogs live as pets?

The small, oval African pygmy hedgehogs can live approximately a decade in captivity, although their lives are often much shorter, lasting only four to six years.

Is it cruel to own a hedgehog?

Also, keeping them as pets appears to be a healthy relationship between animal and human (it’s not cruel to keep them in your home). There are a few things to be aware of though since they are harder to befriend and come with a few more hazards than more conventional small pets. Hedgehogs are extremely shy!

What is bad about hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs can carry some zoonotic diseases, meaning they can be transferred to people. One of the more popular diseases being Salmonella bacteria in their stool.

Do hedgehogs cuddle with you?

It depends on the personality of the individual hedgehog and how much handling the hedgehog has had in the past. Some hedgehogs do seem to like to snuggle up to their human companions, while others might be shyer or simply prefer exploring and moving about over sitting still and cuddling.

Are hedgehogs smelly?

Hedgehogs don’t have any scent glands like ferrets, skunks, or even cats! So when we’re clean, we don’t have any particular scent. Like any animal, if they aren’t kept clean, they begin to smell funky. Since domestic hedgehogs are caged animals, we walk through whatever is in our cage.

Do hedgehogs bite?

Hedgehogs can bite you, but very rarely will that happen. They are strong enough to dig their teeth in to your flesh, however, they very rarely bite.

Do hedgehogs like belly rubs?

Sometimes a belly rub feels really good, and this hedgehog is here to show us just how good. Yep, it’s impossible to ignore his blissful little face as he gets a mini massage!

Do pet hedgehogs poop a lot?

Do Hedgehogs Poop a lot? Hedgehogs poop a lot. They poop all the time. Young hedgies are quite fond of pooping while doing their chores like while roaming around or playing on their wheel.

Do hedgehog like to be held?

Yes, hedgehogs enjoy being held in the palm of the hand. It makes them feel secure and also helps them build a connection with their owner. In fact, holding the pet is an excellent way of strengthening your bond with your pet hedgehog.

Why does my hedgehog not like belly rubs?

Generally, hedgehogs are afraid of being on their backs. As mentioned, the position makes them very vulnerable and practically defenseless. You’ll notice this if your hedgehog, over time, even after earning their trust, still hisses at you when you attempt to give them a belly rub.

How do I get my hedgehog to cuddle?

The best way to pick up a hedgehog to give them a cuddle is to scoop them up using both hands from either side. Making sure the hands contact the mid torso area from the side away from their head. This limits the hedgehogs movement and allows you to keep a good grip on their bodies.

How do you get a hedgehog to trust you?

Lori Keller, bonding expert, suggests holding your hedgie against you in your hands and on your chest so your hedgehog can feel your body heat and hear your heart beat. Hold him while watching t.v. or long enough so that he sleeps on you, as having your hedgie sleep on you is an excellent way to get them to bond.

Why does my hedgehog sleep on his side?

The curled-up position when sleeping is to offer your hedgehog protection from predators. Your hedgehog will also sleep curled when it is cold to preserve body heat. In your home, there are no predators. Therefore, you can find your hedgehogs sleeping in different positions, such as on their side or their belly.

What is the fastest way to tame a hedgehog?

How long does it take for a hedgehog to trust you?

Encourage the bonding process

The first two weeks with your hedgehog are the most important in shaping your new companion’s personality and how they will react around you! Once home, you may notice a temporary personality change from when you picked out your hedgie, and this is completely normal.